Monday, January 30, 2012

EXO-K and EXO-M - What Is Love MV

OMG OMG! SeHun♥♥♥ and cute LuHan! ♥
SeHun is actually 18 only! heeheh Im 17 by the way :p ._. hah
LuHan is already 22 but he looks so young =O like omg!
While looking at EXO's profile, my face was like :O wowww. All of their height is around 180 or even taller than that.

BY THE WAY! Look at the calender. January 30th!
That means DREAM HIGH 2 will be broadcasting tonight! and the episode with subtitle probably will be released on the next day! CANT WAIT CANT WAIT! Going crazy.
The best of all is.. we dont have to go to school tomorrow YAYYY :DD

♥ Lynn

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