Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Countdown 111231

First stop- Gurney


my amazing drawing in few seconds haha ._.

Mum pick me up and sent me to WingKeh's house :D

Dinner with her family and Phooi Fun

Keh, I and Pf
Meet up with loves in time square

Peh Khim and Pey Shan

MYFM DJ. I dont know who she is till they told me lol
She's nice and friendly unlike shen mu yu tong -.- they sucks :p

marriage proposal in Full House

Wing Keh

VVIP seat B)


VVIP seats to... watch them -______-
We get a chance to take photos with them on stage. Those 2 aint friendly at all and they are like really short -.-

And Yes. Happy New Year!!! :D

Walk back to a place near Keh's house and my parents came to pick me up. That's all :)

♥ Lynn

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