Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Went to gurney that day with lovelies. and watched 2 great movies.
I Love Hong Kong in the afternoon and Journey 2 at night.
Only Keh and I went to watch I love HK because others went to watch Underworld andddd as you know I dont watch horror movies. lol
Surprisingly met Mindee and Cheryl after movie :D 
It's quite late after I finished my 2nd movie and straight went home after that.
My sister bought a spongebob lunch set and so hype about it. Lol
And Im very satisfied with the iphone camera casing I bought :D

Vain a little before going out :p

PeyShan's semi transparent top! :D haha

Ki siao with wanyan and pehkhim ;p

Believe it or not. This is my first photo with kuan ting. haha
Cheryl and Mindee :D
Gurney at night is ... .__.


Phooi fun, WanYan

♥ Lynn

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