Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dream High 2 Review

The first episode is a real disappointment. It's like a stupid comedy instead of something meaningful like the original Dream High which made me cried like mad ._. and their acting skill need a little improvement.
When Jiyeon is acting stupidly with the toy sword, fans will be like 'omg she's so cute, gwiyeowo' For not a fan like me, she's just simply retarded. No offense though.
This is not as good as the first one because the plot turned out to be worse than the first :/ cant really judge this now but so far for 2 episodes, it is.

However, the 2nd ep is quite interesting and I hope it will get better :) but probably wont beat the first Dream High :/ I miss the cast of Dream High :( Me no likey Kang Sora, maybe because of her marriage with Teukie at WGM? but she really seems quite stupid .__. As for jinwoon, daebak! :D haha

and Im really really really hoping for nice songs like the first Dream High.
They should pick Jung Yong Hwa for Dream High 2. He sings really well. He can play the guitar so incredibly well. and he is also an actor. Why not him? JYP tell me why?!

♥ Lynn

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