Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour

Spending earth hour at starbucks. Check in foursquare for a free frappucino :D

 Waiting for 8.30 to check in :D
 lights off!

 you can see how tired I am D: my eye bags amd dark circles like omg

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

spoilers alert
Finished The Hunger Games trilogy during one week school holiday. All I can say is I LOVE IT! Im obsessed over it ♥♥♥ Say something bad about Hunger Games, you'll be dead in my hands >:( I love love love Peeta ♥ such a sweet guy.

Great book but it's quite a sad ending to me. The ending is a bit rushed. Peeta has been barely mentioned in the third book, that really upsets me :( and Peeta's confusion after being hijacked, the way he acted like he's not Peeta anymore. My heart aches :'( the way Katniss dint really show her love towards Peeta when he's hijacked hurts. Im happy that Katniss end up with Peeta. Even though it doesnt feel like the same love they used to have. But still I dont really see how much Katniss loves him. The ending needs more Katniss and Peeta! I want a bit more about Peeta like details on how he recovered and love her again.
This means a lot to me. One of my favourtie quotes. The real or not real game. You would understand how much this means if you read it. :')

The small explanation of Gale leaving for district 2 and left Katniss in such a short time is so sad. I would be really happy if they remain as best friends and not complete strangers.

Some of the people I like died D: Prim, Cinna, Finnick :(
Prim death seem unnecessary, it's already sad enough and this makes it worse D:
I always like Cinna, always. His sacrifices is touching. Love everything about him, he's so good and nice.
Im starting to love Finnick more and more in Mockingjay but he sacrificed and died, worse still it was after his marriage. After all he has been through, this is what he gets :( Can you imagine Annie without him. Complete heart ache from his death. I went through his death chapter over and over again. why. why. why.
Luckily, Caesar Flickerman is still alive. He's like the one of the few nice people from the capitol :D

Anyway, It's a realistic ending. Sacrifices. Death. this is the results of war. It does make sense after all. 
It's still a bit rushed though. And I still really wanted the ending to have more details on Peeta.

There are lots of quotes that I really like. Like the one above.
-"Stay with me" "Always" - Katniss and Peeta. This touched me the most :')
- I'm more than just a piece in their Games - Peeta Mellark. Aww aww Peetaaaa
I can remember each and every words of the quotes I like. Meaningful. Heartwarming.
Really sad when it's over.

Here's a short synopsis on what's Hunger Games
The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of the current nations of North America, in a nation known as "Panem." Panem consists of a rich Capitol, located in what used to be Rocky Mountains, and twelve (formerly thirteen) surrounding, poorer districts which cater to the Capitol's needs. As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol wherein twelve of the districts were defeated and the thirteenth destroyed, every year one boy and one girl from each of the remaining twelve districts, between the ages of twelve and eighteen, are selected by lottery and forced to participate in the "Hunger Games." The Games are a televised event where the participants, called "tributes," must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena until only one remains. The winning tribute and his/her corresponding district is then rewarded handsomely with food and plenty, seeing as the lower districts are starving. 

Here's about the movie 
Watched it on the first day. :D 22nd of march. Bought the seats few days earlier so we got the best seats haha. The release date in Malaysia is even earlier than in the US.
It's a MUST WATCH! I mean it's great, fantastic in a way that it dint change the plot of the book and try to maintain everything like it was in the book. I respect the film for that. :) I cried when Rue died T_T
even though it's not very detailed, but overall it's good. Turning a book into a 2hours 23minutes film wasn't easy.

books vs movie
-There are still minor changes though, like it was supposed to be the mayor's daughter, Madge giving Katniss the pin and not an old lady lol. I personally would love to see Madge making an appearance, and their friendship but oh well, it's still alright.
-Peeta's father visiting Katniss with cookies before they were taken off wasnt shown. The relation between Peeta's father and Katniss's mother
-We werent supposed to know that Gale like Katniss till Catching Fire. 
-I cant believed they dint reveal the red headed avox girl :( The avox girl serving meals to Katniss, not blaming Katniss for not saving her, treating Katniss really nice and her back story wasnt revealed :(
-Death of tributes happen faster in film. Like the girl who starts a campfire was supposed to be alive after encountering the Careers and then Peeta finish the job after discovering it. 
-The movie has no sign of sleep syrup for tricking Peeta into a sleep
-Cato was supposed to survive for hours with the mutants mutts before he died.
-The mutants mutt supposed to resemble features of the dead tributes.
-Lack of romance between Katniss and Peeta!! :( 
etc etc etc. there are a lot more minor changes in details.

There is a small mistake/difference, like while holding out your three middle fingers to the person, the left hand is supposed to be used instead of the right. haha fyi, it's respect sign.

Gifts from sponsors dont come with note. However, some changes like this one is understandable as the book has a lot of thoughts in Katniss mind, and of course they couldn't possibly show you her thoughts by drawing thought bubble like the ones in comics lol

I think Rue's 4 notes is really sweet and soothing. Gonna set this as my message alert. Sorry Secret Garden haha

I really like The Hunger Games OST, Safe and Sound. Before I read the book, it's just a song. But after I read the book and put the story and the song together, it does mean something, a strong feeling, I dont know how to say this. I thought of Prim, Rue and of course Peeta ♥ when I listened to the song. I imagined Katniss singing this to each of them.
The first stanza reminds me of Peeta Peeta :) when they are in the cave where Katniss said she'll never leave him. Awww. TEAM PEETA! :D yay

Im on PEETA while my mum and sister on Gale. Peetaaaa~ I prefer Peeta from the book more than movie. At least I can imagine Peeta described in the book to someone who is really hot. haha The Peeta I imagined is taller than Josh Hutcherson. Taking notice of him since the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, when he's still a cute little boy. lol Follow his instagram @jhutch1992
Cato! First of all, when I found the pictures of the tributes. Cato is gorgeous, good looking and so familiar! So I went to google on him and found out he's Alexander Ludwig! ._. The young boy from Race to Witch Mountain that I used to love so much. Back then, I said he's good looking and cute, and now he has change from cute into hot! Couldnt believed it was him. haha

I like both Megan Nicole's cover and Taylor Swift's.
Taylor Swift sang it in a more depressed and sad way though.

The tributes


Peeta Peeta! :D
Cato, Clove, Marvel and Glimmer
Look at Alexander(Cato)! He really did train his body :DD

Caesar Flickerman! I like him in both book and movie! :D He's awesome
Clove, Marvel, Foxface, Thresh, Glimmer, Cato, Rue, Peeta Mellark, Katniss Everdeen, and Gale Hawthorne
Katniss(Jennifer Lawrence) Peeta(Josh Hutcherson) Gale (Liam Hemsworth)

Effie and Haymitch :D

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor :)

♥ Lynn

Thursday, March 22, 2012

120322 The Hunger Games Movie

Back from The Hunger Games movie. It's quite okay. Still, there's a little different from the book but just a minor one, they couldnt possibly film the whole thing with details into 2 hours and 22 minutes of course. The whole story is still there. No worries :DDD hehe Not like Percy Jackson and The Olympians, which the movie is a total failure -.- 
Will be updating soon! :D

and SHINee's Sherlock MV!!!!! A great MV.
The choreo is a lilttle funny though haha. It was made by someone well known with the name Tony Testa, I dont know who is this Tony till now lol. Rino is still my fav :)

Long hair for Taemin just doesnt seem right ._. Antis will just keep going on with the gay thing D:
JongHyunnnnnnnnn ♥♥♥ hot weyhh and Key is so cute at the end, his expression is so cuteeee.
Jessica-“1910, The World's Most Beautiful Girl and Jewelry” She's a ghost ._.

Their comeback stage on M! Countdown
Shinee is back~

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Tomorrow

Watching The Hunger Games tomorrow afternoon :D so excited.
I hope it isnt a let down. Josh Hutcherson. He has instagram and he is an active one! Haha Peeta Peeta. I have always love Peeta. Team Peeta! My sister prefers Gale though. Yay peeta is mine! LOL

My awesome iphone wallpaper B) hahahah Mockingjay :D

Let the 74th Hunger Games begin!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SNSD- The Boys (Dance practice)

The Boys dance practice. This video is going to help me so much. Nyehehe

and check out my new header! LOL Hunger Games :D I dont care if you say I am childish or whatever. I think it's cool :p The Mockingjay pin. I want one so badly D: I saw people selling the official mockingjay pin online but it's quite expensive for a pin ._. and requires shipping. I hope people will start to sell here, in Malaysia, Penang asap!

Love Rain teaser. YoonA ♥ and Jang Geun Seuk

♥ Lynn

Monday, March 19, 2012

Korean Pop

Brief update on kpop
Yesterday Inkigayo is the best FANTASTIC BABY performance so far.

A new boy group. A rookie group that Im looking forward to. :D
JR, the leader is mine ;p hahaha


BoA's voice is amazing :')  ♥ Lynn


I have reasons for not updating my blog when I got so many things to blog! Busy holiday. Will come to that later

SHINee is back
Jonghyun is love ♥ Finally back after so longggggggg :DDD
Their individual concept photos sort of freak me out though ._. 

SHERLOCK teaser feat SNSD's Jessica (0:22)  

Jonghyun, Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin individual concept photos

  ♥ Lynn