Thursday, March 22, 2012

120322 The Hunger Games Movie

Back from The Hunger Games movie. It's quite okay. Still, there's a little different from the book but just a minor one, they couldnt possibly film the whole thing with details into 2 hours and 22 minutes of course. The whole story is still there. No worries :DDD hehe Not like Percy Jackson and The Olympians, which the movie is a total failure -.- 
Will be updating soon! :D

and SHINee's Sherlock MV!!!!! A great MV.
The choreo is a lilttle funny though haha. It was made by someone well known with the name Tony Testa, I dont know who is this Tony till now lol. Rino is still my fav :)

Long hair for Taemin just doesnt seem right ._. Antis will just keep going on with the gay thing D:
JongHyunnnnnnnnn ♥♥♥ hot weyhh and Key is so cute at the end, his expression is so cuteeee.
Jessica-“1910, The World's Most Beautiful Girl and Jewelry” She's a ghost ._.

Their comeback stage on M! Countdown
Shinee is back~

♥ Lynn

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