Monday, March 5, 2012


First monthly test is over for like 3 days already. So lazy to blog but so many things to blog about.
First. Im going to lament on how bad I did this time ._. It's one of the way to release all my anger
Totally disappointed with add math. Got an A instead of A+, far away from what I expected. All blames go to myself :( I made a careless by writing down a wrong equation from the beginning of a question and here goes my marks, all gone T_T Usually for first monthly test, each questions take a lot of marks. One tiny mistake and you die ._. For another question, I even calculated something wrong by just pressing the calculator when my equation is actually right D: and when we were taking add math. We are distracted by lots of lots of noise from primary school. It's not our choice whether to get distracted. Primary school's hall is just beside my class. Unfortunately, one of their teachers are retiring and u know as usual all the singing, music, speeches, cheering and the talking are killing us. We could hardly concentrate for god sake. A big headache.

Careless mistakes on the subject bm too, on the part where we have to look for kesalahan ejaan and imbuhan. I know the right word but I dunno why when I wrote the answer, a few letters gone missing -.-

Chemistry. Chemistry. Chemistry. Someone broke my record by taking away my all time highest subject D: Im second in chemi now. Worst of all, it's not peyshan, it's someone we didn't even expect .___. Lesson learned: Never underestimate anyone. Boohoohoo

Still doing good in history. Miss by that few marks to get another 100 but too bad.
Poor PeyShan, she made mistakes in her essays which cost a massive lost. She read a reference book instead of text book. And things on the reference book that are not found on text book are not accepted. Everything based on text book. Another lesson learned: Always read text book for history, things are based on text book. Well, we always read text book. No idea why she went to refer to reference book for form 4 syllabus so suddenly.

and physics. Everyone dies as usual with that u know who teacher.

That's basically what I had received.
A sum up lesson learned: Work harder.
Honestly, Im lazier than last year. and who to blame? We blame our class feng shui ._. haha

I'll be trying to post a post every day. Because I got so many things to blog. hehe ♥ Lynn


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