Monday, April 30, 2012


OMO OMOOOO!!!! SO HYPEE!!! CHANYEOL, BAEKHYUN, SEHUN and KAI!! Like freaking hawt!!! ♥♥♥
Unable to express exactly how I feel now! Chanyeol should keep this hair, he's so cuteeeee! Bacon, Sehun! omgggg. All my exo-k biases! *dies WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO HAWT AND PERFECT?!
and and I love this song so much and also Tiffany's eye makeup! Before the released of the MV, the song is just ok but I dunno why after watching it, it's like daebak! Definitely a hit! Taeyeon and Tiff are amazingggg!♥ Pretty pretty hehe Seohyun... Im just not that into her ._.
♥ Lynn

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taetiseo Taetiseo!

Mid term is just around the corner D: 2 weeks to go. Im gonna die like no kidding D:
I can hardly post any videos these days. Or I will post all the vids Im going to post at once, mainly because of Im staying away from computer as much as I can. It's hard to stop once I use the comp ._.
I hardly have time to blog about my life now :(

So, usually I use my phone to view and search for everything instead. As youtube vids from iphone do not support embedding and so I couldnt post them to my blog through my phone.
and also uploading photos by using the blogger app mess the order of my photos and also couldnt place any description below them.
but I got so many exo's cute things to share! D: if only I got all the time I want :/

So, these are the 2 remaining taetiseo teaser- Tiff and Seohyun! :D

I love Fany makeup!!! :D so pretty and best of all I see SEHUN!!! and Kai hehe Sehun hottie hehehe

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SM Town ♥ the most fascinating idols

I AM OST- Dear My Family
Im so touched :') Feel like crying whenever I watch this, especially the part where Krys and blingbling Jonghyun cry :'(
EXO's DO and Luhan are part of this song too :) Luhan sings korean hehe

I hate people comparing them, they are one. None of them is gonna exists without one another.
I really hate it when people say EXO is gonna replace suju since suju is getting older, f(x) isnt that famous, baekhyun should be in the mv instead etc. fan wars. All these are actually getting on my nerves. Stop bashing and comparing them even when it's unintentionally. EXO and Suju are both great, I love them both! SM artists are the best to me. fyi, Chen and Kyuhyun arent singing any solo part and so is baekhyun, they must have a reason for that, we dont know a lot of things, we couldnt just comment on this and that.
SM town fandoms should get along like the artists do. Im supporting all SM artists ♥ and Lee Soo Man! The interactions between them is awwwww... they do seem like they love SM too :)
E.L.Fs, Exotics, Cassies, Sones, Aff(x)tions, Shawols and Jumpers
It makes me feel so proud :') ♥♥♥

Wanted to watch this badly!! They all work so hard, everyone of them. Too bad it's not releasing in Malaysia :/ It's gonna be a really touching movie.
Have to wait for downloads after the released.

Super Junior- Opera MV (short ver)
I miss them so so so muchhhh. Whyyy is Suju so hawtttt??!!! Madly in love ♥ I hope Kangin will join them soon!


Girls’ Generation-TTS- Twinkle teaser! :D Tae and Ti are gorgeous :D taetiseo!

SHINee- Sherlock MV (Japanese ver)
Jonghyun is still the hottie hehe


Unbeatable 不敗 - Vanness Wu ft. Lee Junho
YES! It's 2PM Lee Junho!!! :DD ♥♥♥ one of the nicest chinese songs! Hehe thumbs up!

♥ Lynn


Customized my phone to fully exo and just randomly feel like posting em haha
Hunhan lockscreen
bacon baekhyun wallpaper
Chanyeolie notification centre
Sehun sms wallpaper
Awwwww ❤❤❤ love then so much! Hahaha
Wanted to change my header to exo. If only I have time to edit one :/

Saturday, April 14, 2012

EXO-K Music Core debut stage

Still not in HD. but gosh they improved a lot compared to Music Bank.
Without those mics in their hands, it makes a lot easier for them. And they are less nervous this time.
They can sing so well when their dance is so tiring. Especially Baekhyun!!! ♥♥♥ BEST BEST! He was sweating like mad :( He looks like Infinite L at some angle, kept telling my friends that but they dont really know Infinite members :/ They are crazy shawols. So, Im telling you guys now instead ._.
They probably trained really hard over night.I really hope exo will win asap! Hwaiting!

I demand more shots of Sehun and Chanyeol! ._. and a new hairstylist for Chanyeol. lol He's hair is so cute, it's like puffy puffy and jumps along with him when he dances. hahaha So cute. Suit him though, he's cute personality. but for mama, he would look a lot cooler and hotter if his hair is straighten :D

♥ Lynn

iPhone Melt Case

I love my new iPhone casing so much. Caramel melt case. Order from a site :D

Others belong to my friends :)

♥ Lynn

Friday, April 13, 2012


EunHyuk and Kai :D
Eunhyuk is still the best dancing machine to me ;)

There's still no sign of EXO debut stage at Music Bank in HD! Have to download! From exochina fanpage with 1080p :D
SHINee and EXO-K so cuteeeee. SHINee dancing to mama while Exo dance to Sherlock lol.
Baekhyun and Chanyeol so cute. I love Chanyeol smiles so much ♥ Looking forward to their activities with more variety shows next week! Show your true self Sehun! haha EXO!

♥ Lynn

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maknae Sehun Day

Oh Sehun my love. MY BIAS
Happy birthday Oh SeHun ♥ ♥ ♥ our beautiful maknae. saengil chukkha haminda, saranghaneun sehun oppa ♥ happy 18th birthday. Saranghae :D
Exotics will support you, always.
I hope EXO will conquer the world one day! Hwaiting!
Promoting exo wherever I go :D

I hope he'll stop being shy in front of cameras & fans and be himself like the other members talk about how hilarious he is asap ♥ :D

OMG gorgeous face. ulzzang! Im marrying this guy ._. hahahaha Love this photo so much, his perfect features!

 Stares at Krys :P

 Why is he so attractive?!?! adjkhvld

and this is like OMG OMG!! Are you kidding me?! The lucky fans!
They are so cute by the way :P
Fans in SM's Building waiting for Se Hun Surprise Birthday Party ! 
I found this:
Fan Saying: Su Ho is so new to the role of leader. Even at the party he still needs to read the script.
Every fan who got in has the number and Se Hun draw 2 lucky numbers and EXO gave them each autographs signed on the mini album. Then fans asked for more drawing number for lucky fans but they don't have any to give the fans so they gave 2 birthday hats to lucky fans. Fans got to ask Sehun 3 questions and Se Hun is the one who picked them. The first question is who are you closed to the most?Se Hun didn't answer right away. He keeps saying he is closed to everyone. But fans asked him to pick one in M group.(tricky ones! :3) Se Hun is shy and didnt answer right away and he finally said that he is closed to everyone (in M too).(yeah right... ^^) Some people in the first row shout "isn't it TAO? TAO TAO!!!" Baek Hyun said Lu Han? The second question the fan asked him is the age of noona he will like. Fan shouted 5 years? Se Hun said age is doesnt matter. The last question fan asked him to do 애교 (aegyo) since he failed to do it at the Showcase but Se Hun is so shy and doesn't want to do it so he said next time. But fans shouted to do it now,and he said he can't Kai said Se Hun can do many 애교 but he's still shy so fan said they all did it together. D.O. made a really funny face when he heard that Se Hun didn't want to do 애교 so Kai told Se Hun to do 뿌잉 뿌잉 and finally Se Hun did it. It was very funny when the manager brought the cake Other members are busy trying to eat the cake and no one pay attention at what Su Ho said. Chanyeol took out the chocolate piece and fed Se Hun. D.O tried to eat a strawberry with both of his hands holding there cake so he used his mouth.Kai was eating the cake by his fingers and didn't pay attention to Se Hun so the manger came in again to take out the cake.(hahaha ^^ little Exobaby's ). Every member gave Se Hun a birthday wish and hugged him. They seemed to love their mankae so much. Actually Kai was little awkward to say such cheesy things.At the end D.O sing and they dance MAMA for a little bit. That is pretty much the main things that happened at the Birth Day event.

♥ Lynn

Monday, April 9, 2012


Watched EXO China showcase. Daebakk!!
Sehan or Hunhan couple is so cute. There's a part where Luhan said Sehun is like his cute little brother and he has the urge of taking care of him. Awwwww our Sehun maknae ♥ our cute & pretty Luhan.

SBS deleted all Exo-K debut stage on yesterday's Inkigayo uploaded on youtube really fast. Luckily, I did watch the video before it got deleted :D Awesomeee! and my sister search for download links yesterday night and downloaded in HD 1080. Connect to TV to watch and went high high! We were so high! hahaha

Really disappointed with China on Exo-M debut stage. They encounter some sort of problem and also the video is blur, low quality. Couldnt even recognise who is who.
Furthermore, they dont get to exposed much on music shows like they have in Korea. Exo-M come back to Korea anytime D: Stay strong exo-M!  
We are one

I love every song, every! Addicted to the whole album! From those teasers, we'll just eventually get addicted to those songs. SM, great strategy :') EXO what a perfect boy band.

btw, I know who to place after Sehun and Luhan now, Baekhyun! :D and probably chanyeol after him. hehehe


For more album photos click here

♥ Lynn

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Exo's MV MAMA was released during midnight. I was about to sleep just when they released the MV. Luckily, dint miss it. Thank god. :D
Went crazy over these MVs! Awesome awesome Awesome.They are no rookies. They are a lot better than that. With each of their talent, they're going to make a bomb!
The best of the best, the new generation of kpop :D
2012 will be the year of exo- Leeteuk. Even Teukie said this during exo showcase. :D
I wish Exo-M and Exo-K combine to form only Exo with 12 of them together. Remind me of 13 members of super junior together on one stage. It's so cool.
Combine the pics into this. I want to buy all of their symbols, the exo ring, exo brooches etc! So niceee!

each of their powers 
D.O- Earth
BaekHyun- Light
SeHun- Wind! I told my friends he's blowing me to his side hahahaha ._. 
Lu Han- Telepathy 
Kris- Flight
Lay- Healing

Kai- Teleportation
ChanYeol- Flame
SuHo- Water
Tao- Time control
Chen- Lightning
XiuMin- Frost

Usually I prefer lighting ._. back then.. when I used to play pokemon ._.
My bias is SEHUN of course, followed by Luhan. The hunhan couple. Sweet! ♥♥
Im in love with BaekHyun, ChanYeol, SuHo, Chen, Lay, Kris too. Lol Couldnt decide who to place after luhan ._. it's either one of them hahah
I used to wonder why D.O is in the group since I dont think he has the face, you know ._. but I understood now, he has an amazing voice! =O

Before the dance was revelaed, I was like 'Im so gonna learn the title song's dance'
After I saw their dance. 'I'll think about it' LOL 
Making a dance cover out of it definitely gonna take some time. Looking forward to people's dance cover on youtube. 


SEHUN. THE FACE OF EXO to me hahaha ♥ He's like playing the role of Siwon in Suju. Wangja :D


 Luhan, flower boy. So cute and pretty. ♥

For more photos. Click here


♥ Lynn

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My March Holiday

During the 1 week holiday I passed my driving test on 14th of March B)
but I havent been able to drive like a pro yet. I can hardly recognise some of the roads since I used to spend most of my time in car sleeping -.-
Parking without the poles like they provided for car practical and test is hard ._.
I got my license after that. I was supposed to get it on 16 but they dint call or what, so I called on the next day instead then they only sent me this.

I joined drama this year ._. A wrong year to join.
School paying for coach, a guy and a lady. The bossiest people ever, with the serious face all the time.
Here's the funny procedure how they pick you into the drama competition.
First audition
Prepare a self introduction, a talent performance and a monologue.
I find monologue funny where people actually act and talk to themselves lmao That lady show us an example, laughed like mad when she's doing her monologue but Im the only one laughing and people are shh-ing at me -.- So it just appeared that I dunno how to admire this kind of things.

They used a classroom for their so called "audition" with only the 2 coaches inside. Others are not even allowed to watch.
I did a short self introduction and dance to Lee Hyori's chitty chitty bang bang hahaha. and for the monologue.. I dint prepare. hah
Lady: Why? *serious face*
Me: Because I'm busy. *innocent face*
Lady: I give you a chance, go prepare and come back in later. *serious face*
Me: but Im going back now, parents are waiting. *innocent face*
Lolol So I just left like that.
but who knows why I got into second audition and Im in the acting group, not the helper group.

Second audition
This is for deciding which role you going to play. They gave you 2 option. 2 monologue, pick one. One of them is "help,help,help" and another one is something really long, couldnt remember. Lol I imagined myself acting in a situation shouting for help is like -_______- so funny. There are people who acted out like they got kidnapped, got into jail, trip while running etc for the "help"x3 totally lmao!
and so I requested to quit acting, and got into the helper group.
Took the post, stage manager.

but I eventually quit the whole thing when it comes to practice during holiday. Crash with my tuition and preparations for mbs gathering.
I already feel like quitting when he asked me to do this do that and pick a form1 girl to be my assistant -.- no offense but she's kinda dumb.
When I wanted to go home earlier due to other plans, he was like everybody here sacrifices everything to be here, not only you and bla bla bla.
fyi, I got other much more important thing than your so called "awesome" drama okay mister. I dont sacrifice anything for things I dont like and doesnt benefit me either.
So a resignation letter it is. Resigned my post. toodles.

Anyway, min yi, peh khim, phooi fun and wing keh are still participating in this drama competition. So do support them :)

A post on mbs gathering soon, I guess ._.

♥ Lynn