Monday, April 9, 2012


Watched EXO China showcase. Daebakk!!
Sehan or Hunhan couple is so cute. There's a part where Luhan said Sehun is like his cute little brother and he has the urge of taking care of him. Awwwww our Sehun maknae ♥ our cute & pretty Luhan.

SBS deleted all Exo-K debut stage on yesterday's Inkigayo uploaded on youtube really fast. Luckily, I did watch the video before it got deleted :D Awesomeee! and my sister search for download links yesterday night and downloaded in HD 1080. Connect to TV to watch and went high high! We were so high! hahaha

Really disappointed with China on Exo-M debut stage. They encounter some sort of problem and also the video is blur, low quality. Couldnt even recognise who is who.
Furthermore, they dont get to exposed much on music shows like they have in Korea. Exo-M come back to Korea anytime D: Stay strong exo-M!  
We are one

I love every song, every! Addicted to the whole album! From those teasers, we'll just eventually get addicted to those songs. SM, great strategy :') EXO what a perfect boy band.

btw, I know who to place after Sehun and Luhan now, Baekhyun! :D and probably chanyeol after him. hehehe


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♥ Lynn

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