Sunday, April 8, 2012


Exo's MV MAMA was released during midnight. I was about to sleep just when they released the MV. Luckily, dint miss it. Thank god. :D
Went crazy over these MVs! Awesome awesome Awesome.They are no rookies. They are a lot better than that. With each of their talent, they're going to make a bomb!
The best of the best, the new generation of kpop :D
2012 will be the year of exo- Leeteuk. Even Teukie said this during exo showcase. :D
I wish Exo-M and Exo-K combine to form only Exo with 12 of them together. Remind me of 13 members of super junior together on one stage. It's so cool.
Combine the pics into this. I want to buy all of their symbols, the exo ring, exo brooches etc! So niceee!

each of their powers 
D.O- Earth
BaekHyun- Light
SeHun- Wind! I told my friends he's blowing me to his side hahahaha ._. 
Lu Han- Telepathy 
Kris- Flight
Lay- Healing

Kai- Teleportation
ChanYeol- Flame
SuHo- Water
Tao- Time control
Chen- Lightning
XiuMin- Frost

Usually I prefer lighting ._. back then.. when I used to play pokemon ._.
My bias is SEHUN of course, followed by Luhan. The hunhan couple. Sweet! ♥♥
Im in love with BaekHyun, ChanYeol, SuHo, Chen, Lay, Kris too. Lol Couldnt decide who to place after luhan ._. it's either one of them hahah
I used to wonder why D.O is in the group since I dont think he has the face, you know ._. but I understood now, he has an amazing voice! =O

Before the dance was revelaed, I was like 'Im so gonna learn the title song's dance'
After I saw their dance. 'I'll think about it' LOL 
Making a dance cover out of it definitely gonna take some time. Looking forward to people's dance cover on youtube. 


SEHUN. THE FACE OF EXO to me hahaha ♥ He's like playing the role of Siwon in Suju. Wangja :D


 Luhan, flower boy. So cute and pretty. ♥

For more photos. Click here


♥ Lynn

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