Monday, April 30, 2012


OMO OMOOOO!!!! SO HYPEE!!! CHANYEOL, BAEKHYUN, SEHUN and KAI!! Like freaking hawt!!! ♥♥♥
Unable to express exactly how I feel now! Chanyeol should keep this hair, he's so cuteeeee! Bacon, Sehun! omgggg. All my exo-k biases! *dies WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO HAWT AND PERFECT?!
and and I love this song so much and also Tiffany's eye makeup! Before the released of the MV, the song is just ok but I dunno why after watching it, it's like daebak! Definitely a hit! Taeyeon and Tiff are amazingggg!♥ Pretty pretty hehe Seohyun... Im just not that into her ._.
♥ Lynn

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