Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maknae Sehun Day

Oh Sehun my love. MY BIAS
Happy birthday Oh SeHun ♥ ♥ ♥ our beautiful maknae. saengil chukkha haminda, saranghaneun sehun oppa ♥ happy 18th birthday. Saranghae :D
Exotics will support you, always.
I hope EXO will conquer the world one day! Hwaiting!
Promoting exo wherever I go :D

I hope he'll stop being shy in front of cameras & fans and be himself like the other members talk about how hilarious he is asap ♥ :D

OMG gorgeous face. ulzzang! Im marrying this guy ._. hahahaha Love this photo so much, his perfect features!

 Stares at Krys :P

 Why is he so attractive?!?! adjkhvld

and this is like OMG OMG!! Are you kidding me?! The lucky fans!
They are so cute by the way :P
Fans in SM's Building waiting for Se Hun Surprise Birthday Party ! 
I found this:
Fan Saying: Su Ho is so new to the role of leader. Even at the party he still needs to read the script.
Every fan who got in has the number and Se Hun draw 2 lucky numbers and EXO gave them each autographs signed on the mini album. Then fans asked for more drawing number for lucky fans but they don't have any to give the fans so they gave 2 birthday hats to lucky fans. Fans got to ask Sehun 3 questions and Se Hun is the one who picked them. The first question is who are you closed to the most?Se Hun didn't answer right away. He keeps saying he is closed to everyone. But fans asked him to pick one in M group.(tricky ones! :3) Se Hun is shy and didnt answer right away and he finally said that he is closed to everyone (in M too).(yeah right... ^^) Some people in the first row shout "isn't it TAO? TAO TAO!!!" Baek Hyun said Lu Han? The second question the fan asked him is the age of noona he will like. Fan shouted 5 years? Se Hun said age is doesnt matter. The last question fan asked him to do 애교 (aegyo) since he failed to do it at the Showcase but Se Hun is so shy and doesn't want to do it so he said next time. But fans shouted to do it now,and he said he can't Kai said Se Hun can do many 애교 but he's still shy so fan said they all did it together. D.O. made a really funny face when he heard that Se Hun didn't want to do 애교 so Kai told Se Hun to do 뿌잉 뿌잉 and finally Se Hun did it. It was very funny when the manager brought the cake Other members are busy trying to eat the cake and no one pay attention at what Su Ho said. Chanyeol took out the chocolate piece and fed Se Hun. D.O tried to eat a strawberry with both of his hands holding there cake so he used his mouth.Kai was eating the cake by his fingers and didn't pay attention to Se Hun so the manger came in again to take out the cake.(hahaha ^^ little Exobaby's ). Every member gave Se Hun a birthday wish and hugged him. They seemed to love their mankae so much. Actually Kai was little awkward to say such cheesy things.At the end D.O sing and they dance MAMA for a little bit. That is pretty much the main things that happened at the Birth Day event.

♥ Lynn

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