Saturday, April 7, 2012

My March Holiday

During the 1 week holiday I passed my driving test on 14th of March B)
but I havent been able to drive like a pro yet. I can hardly recognise some of the roads since I used to spend most of my time in car sleeping -.-
Parking without the poles like they provided for car practical and test is hard ._.
I got my license after that. I was supposed to get it on 16 but they dint call or what, so I called on the next day instead then they only sent me this.

I joined drama this year ._. A wrong year to join.
School paying for coach, a guy and a lady. The bossiest people ever, with the serious face all the time.
Here's the funny procedure how they pick you into the drama competition.
First audition
Prepare a self introduction, a talent performance and a monologue.
I find monologue funny where people actually act and talk to themselves lmao That lady show us an example, laughed like mad when she's doing her monologue but Im the only one laughing and people are shh-ing at me -.- So it just appeared that I dunno how to admire this kind of things.

They used a classroom for their so called "audition" with only the 2 coaches inside. Others are not even allowed to watch.
I did a short self introduction and dance to Lee Hyori's chitty chitty bang bang hahaha. and for the monologue.. I dint prepare. hah
Lady: Why? *serious face*
Me: Because I'm busy. *innocent face*
Lady: I give you a chance, go prepare and come back in later. *serious face*
Me: but Im going back now, parents are waiting. *innocent face*
Lolol So I just left like that.
but who knows why I got into second audition and Im in the acting group, not the helper group.

Second audition
This is for deciding which role you going to play. They gave you 2 option. 2 monologue, pick one. One of them is "help,help,help" and another one is something really long, couldnt remember. Lol I imagined myself acting in a situation shouting for help is like -_______- so funny. There are people who acted out like they got kidnapped, got into jail, trip while running etc for the "help"x3 totally lmao!
and so I requested to quit acting, and got into the helper group.
Took the post, stage manager.

but I eventually quit the whole thing when it comes to practice during holiday. Crash with my tuition and preparations for mbs gathering.
I already feel like quitting when he asked me to do this do that and pick a form1 girl to be my assistant -.- no offense but she's kinda dumb.
When I wanted to go home earlier due to other plans, he was like everybody here sacrifices everything to be here, not only you and bla bla bla.
fyi, I got other much more important thing than your so called "awesome" drama okay mister. I dont sacrifice anything for things I dont like and doesnt benefit me either.
So a resignation letter it is. Resigned my post. toodles.

Anyway, min yi, peh khim, phooi fun and wing keh are still participating in this drama competition. So do support them :)

A post on mbs gathering soon, I guess ._.

♥ Lynn

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