Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SM Town ♥ the most fascinating idols

I AM OST- Dear My Family
Im so touched :') Feel like crying whenever I watch this, especially the part where Krys and blingbling Jonghyun cry :'(
EXO's DO and Luhan are part of this song too :) Luhan sings korean hehe

I hate people comparing them, they are one. None of them is gonna exists without one another.
I really hate it when people say EXO is gonna replace suju since suju is getting older, f(x) isnt that famous, baekhyun should be in the mv instead etc. fan wars. All these are actually getting on my nerves. Stop bashing and comparing them even when it's unintentionally. EXO and Suju are both great, I love them both! SM artists are the best to me. fyi, Chen and Kyuhyun arent singing any solo part and so is baekhyun, they must have a reason for that, we dont know a lot of things, we couldnt just comment on this and that.
SM town fandoms should get along like the artists do. Im supporting all SM artists ♥ and Lee Soo Man! The interactions between them is awwwww... they do seem like they love SM too :)
E.L.Fs, Exotics, Cassies, Sones, Aff(x)tions, Shawols and Jumpers
It makes me feel so proud :') ♥♥♥

Wanted to watch this badly!! They all work so hard, everyone of them. Too bad it's not releasing in Malaysia :/ It's gonna be a really touching movie.
Have to wait for downloads after the released.

Super Junior- Opera MV (short ver)
I miss them so so so muchhhh. Whyyy is Suju so hawtttt??!!! Madly in love ♥ I hope Kangin will join them soon!


Girls’ Generation-TTS- Twinkle teaser! :D Tae and Ti are gorgeous :D taetiseo!

SHINee- Sherlock MV (Japanese ver)
Jonghyun is still the hottie hehe


Unbeatable 不敗 - Vanness Wu ft. Lee Junho
YES! It's 2PM Lee Junho!!! :DD ♥♥♥ one of the nicest chinese songs! Hehe thumbs up!

♥ Lynn

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