Friday, April 27, 2012

Taetiseo Taetiseo!

Mid term is just around the corner D: 2 weeks to go. Im gonna die like no kidding D:
I can hardly post any videos these days. Or I will post all the vids Im going to post at once, mainly because of Im staying away from computer as much as I can. It's hard to stop once I use the comp ._.
I hardly have time to blog about my life now :(

So, usually I use my phone to view and search for everything instead. As youtube vids from iphone do not support embedding and so I couldnt post them to my blog through my phone.
and also uploading photos by using the blogger app mess the order of my photos and also couldnt place any description below them.
but I got so many exo's cute things to share! D: if only I got all the time I want :/

So, these are the 2 remaining taetiseo teaser- Tiff and Seohyun! :D

I love Fany makeup!!! :D so pretty and best of all I see SEHUN!!! and Kai hehe Sehun hottie hehehe

♥ Lynn

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