Monday, May 28, 2012

120407 Jovy's small birthday celebration

fyi, her actual birthday is 9th of April.

That day she was supposed to meet peyshan at Roti Bakar which is nearby to peyshan's house.
and Peyshan was like last minute calling us to get there for a little surprise lol. Only Pehkhim, PhooiFun and I made it. Others wanted to go badly but it was too last minute :(
I changed asap and rushed out haha.
Reached there and waited for the bday girl to come.

Surprise surprise :D I know you're touched :p
After all the eating and talking, we headed to Peyshan's house 5th floor to chill.
The end ._.
Photos speak louder than words *points below lol

Peyshan, Jovy, Pehkhim
My fingers that Im proud of ;p
PehKhim and I

birthday girl, Jovy

-_________- peyshan...

♥ Lynn

Saturday, May 26, 2012

School Break

Im happy to announce that mid term is over :D yayy
But I did really bad D: booo
Received bm paper 2 yesterday and that's like the worst results ever. For 1 thing that I cannot go through with it is that I dont get the marks Im supposed to get.
There's a lot of part in a paper, a, b, c, d...
all the answer is written in another blank paper. I dint do a part accordingly, and guess what? I dont get marks for that. Does that even makes sense? I even wrote which part it is.
Im allowed to do something like that last year. Of course I wont do this during spm, Im not dumb. But dude, this is only a school paper and fyi you dint tell us to follow the order when answering and you couldnt like give me a chance? -.- and how is not giving me marks gonna help me?
I know Im always criticizing but Im telling the truth :D Im no pinocchio.

I did ok in moral though, because saya bermoral tinggi :D still, there are careless mistakes :( Our moral teacher is kinda strict, there's no use trying to explain to her why she should accept another answer because she wouldnt even change her mind. Not even a bit.

Im a little last minute this time D: I should study on a daily basis. There's just too many things to revise if form4 syllabus is included :(

2 weeks of break :D not a fun one though. Quite busy. You'll see.

Im catching up with all the shows I missed. and proud to say that I have finished ONCE UPON A TIME Season 1 and ROOFTOP PRINCE. :D

I think I have posted once about Once Upon A Time. A mix of fairy tales and reality. Storybrooke. Those fairy tales are modified to a thousand times better one. The ending is so oh em gee! Season 2 probably airing at.. September October. I couldnt wait for that longgggg :(

Rooftop Prince has come to an end D: I miss this drama so much.
Starring YooChun and Han JiMin. Sobbing at the last 2 episodes :'(
Yoochun the crown prince travels 300 years to 21st century. It was funny at first and it gets better as the story goes along. I would rate it as the best korean drama for now.I prefer this over dream high2 and love rain :D
A good drama will never leave out Baek JiYoung participating in the ost, After A Long Time. Touched :'(
A must watch!

♥ Lynn

Friday, May 18, 2012

Time is ticking... Need more time to prepare for my exam D:
Im so tired right now which brings me to laziness D: die

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I fell down and sprained my ankle yesterday at usm for quiz mathematics D:
Can hardly walk, it hurts when I walk. Emooo.
Went to see a doc after that. Wonder how long will it takes for full recovery :(

Pretty pink and yellow medicine is so nice haha

Friday, May 4, 2012

A post to remind me to blog abt tts m countdown and music bank. Using my phone right now. Couldnt upload vids :(

And also im gonna upload EXO-K's interview at Arirang radio with Isak. Haha exo is so cute when thy speak english.

Studying right now. Exam next friday. Omg. Ttfn

Sooyoung and Eunhyuk- I AM