Monday, May 28, 2012

120407 Jovy's small birthday celebration

fyi, her actual birthday is 9th of April.

That day she was supposed to meet peyshan at Roti Bakar which is nearby to peyshan's house.
and Peyshan was like last minute calling us to get there for a little surprise lol. Only Pehkhim, PhooiFun and I made it. Others wanted to go badly but it was too last minute :(
I changed asap and rushed out haha.
Reached there and waited for the bday girl to come.

Surprise surprise :D I know you're touched :p
After all the eating and talking, we headed to Peyshan's house 5th floor to chill.
The end ._.
Photos speak louder than words *points below lol

Peyshan, Jovy, Pehkhim
My fingers that Im proud of ;p
PehKhim and I

birthday girl, Jovy

-_________- peyshan...

♥ Lynn

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