Saturday, May 26, 2012

School Break

Im happy to announce that mid term is over :D yayy
But I did really bad D: booo
Received bm paper 2 yesterday and that's like the worst results ever. For 1 thing that I cannot go through with it is that I dont get the marks Im supposed to get.
There's a lot of part in a paper, a, b, c, d...
all the answer is written in another blank paper. I dint do a part accordingly, and guess what? I dont get marks for that. Does that even makes sense? I even wrote which part it is.
Im allowed to do something like that last year. Of course I wont do this during spm, Im not dumb. But dude, this is only a school paper and fyi you dint tell us to follow the order when answering and you couldnt like give me a chance? -.- and how is not giving me marks gonna help me?
I know Im always criticizing but Im telling the truth :D Im no pinocchio.

I did ok in moral though, because saya bermoral tinggi :D still, there are careless mistakes :( Our moral teacher is kinda strict, there's no use trying to explain to her why she should accept another answer because she wouldnt even change her mind. Not even a bit.

Im a little last minute this time D: I should study on a daily basis. There's just too many things to revise if form4 syllabus is included :(

2 weeks of break :D not a fun one though. Quite busy. You'll see.

Im catching up with all the shows I missed. and proud to say that I have finished ONCE UPON A TIME Season 1 and ROOFTOP PRINCE. :D

I think I have posted once about Once Upon A Time. A mix of fairy tales and reality. Storybrooke. Those fairy tales are modified to a thousand times better one. The ending is so oh em gee! Season 2 probably airing at.. September October. I couldnt wait for that longgggg :(

Rooftop Prince has come to an end D: I miss this drama so much.
Starring YooChun and Han JiMin. Sobbing at the last 2 episodes :'(
Yoochun the crown prince travels 300 years to 21st century. It was funny at first and it gets better as the story goes along. I would rate it as the best korean drama for now.I prefer this over dream high2 and love rain :D
A good drama will never leave out Baek JiYoung participating in the ost, After A Long Time. Touched :'(
A must watch!

♥ Lynn

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