Saturday, June 23, 2012

When Love Walked In 爱情闯进门 Trailer starring f(x) Victoria

My sis and I were like laughing when we were watching this.
It's already like the summarize of the whole drama, there's probably still a last few episodes after all this summary LOL

Victoria doesnt sound like herself when she speaks. Her voice is a little weird. Did they replace her voice or it's because I dont get used to her speaking mandarin lol
Suju M's Zhou Mi is in this drama too and he's not... hot ._. no offense, but I never really like him hehe
They need improvement in acting though. It's a chinese drama, a shanghai film. And I dunno why but shanghai film is always... not that nice, to me ._. I still love you Vic umma! She's so cute. I will watch of course unless it's really bad ._.

Im worried about Nichkhun D: I mean like Vic kisses that guy so many times. *heartbreak
Poor Nichkhun, I miss wgm :( I will take good care of you Nichkhun *pats hahahahaha

btw, Happy birthday Nichkhun oppa!!! SARANGHAE #happykhunnieday :DD

♥ Lynn

Leeteuk & Ryeowook’s teaser photos for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’


♥ Lynn

Friday, June 22, 2012

120622 f(x) - Electric Shock on M! Countdown

Full Encore stage. Love all the KRYBER moments ♥♥♥ Amber carries Krystal awww. LIKE the top comment so much: ahha, i rmb gary carrying krystal until he was totally exhausted but from this video, AMBER CARRYING KRYSTAL! no sign of fatigue at all. It's L-O-V-E :D
CONGRATULATIONS f(x) for wining both MCD and MuBank! ♥ Yayy!! wonder girls in your face! hah :P f(x) daebak!

Super Junior's teasers for sixth studio album Sexy, Free & Single.
Eunhae :D

Lee HyukJae
 Lee DongHae

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More EXO

Made a little change to my header. Move Sehun to the bottom and now my header is huge ._. in fact it's a little over lol

My 4S looks like this now.
Krystal lock screen. Electric shock :D

Baekhyun wallpaper ♥
go with purple keyboard now.

chanyeolie as alternate wallpaper ♥

Luhan notification centre ♥

Sehun SMS wallpaper ♥
themed a purple SMS balloon to match with my keyboard haha

♥ Lynn

Sunday, June 17, 2012

EXO header

Yes yes. It's about my blog header I changed recently.EXO EXO EXO!! :D
Actually I dint want the width to be so long, so that it can be viewed larger as my header
but I couldnt pick only a few photos out of so many, every photos of them are like angel O:)
It's really hard to pick these photos, spent lots of time selecting ._. suffered from a big headache.
End up adding more and more photos to the picture and making it wider and wider -.-

Only my 4 ultimate biases, Chanyeolie, Bacon Baekhyun, Bambi Luhan and OMiJa Sehun :D
Dont ask me to pick only 1 between them, I just couldn't. ahhhhh ._.
You'll see that Sehun got more photos, is not that I like him more. Baekyeol are actually my top 2 and followed by Hunhan haha
Sehun looks really good in every photos, his features are really gorgeous so I couldnt decide which to pick so I selected more photos of him hehe

♥ Lynn

Thursday, June 14, 2012

f(x) comeback on M! Countdown with Electric Shock

Just enjoy. No time for words. Back from school not long ago and going to tuition now :(

SNSD- Paparazzi MV

SNSD- Paparazzi Dance MV

♥ Lynn

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

f(x)- Electric Shock MV

f(x) is so cool ♥♥♥
Krystal totally yeppo!! 
Na na na na na na na ELECTRIC!
I feel like going for blue contact lens now lol their eyes so pretty~ ♥

♥ Lynn

Monday, June 11, 2012


Im in a really bad mood due to... -______- I'll explain later.
Junsu's hotness just made me feel a little better. I need a new episode of Running Man to make me feel a whole lot better! Urghh. why do we have to wait till tomorrow D:
I wish I can understand korean, dont have to wait for subtitles >:(

♥ Lynn

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Big Bang- Monster MV

After all those teasers, the MV is here.
Their hair is like ._______.

♥ Lynn