Friday, June 22, 2012

120622 f(x) - Electric Shock on M! Countdown

Full Encore stage. Love all the KRYBER moments ♥♥♥ Amber carries Krystal awww. LIKE the top comment so much: ahha, i rmb gary carrying krystal until he was totally exhausted but from this video, AMBER CARRYING KRYSTAL! no sign of fatigue at all. It's L-O-V-E :D
CONGRATULATIONS f(x) for wining both MCD and MuBank! ♥ Yayy!! wonder girls in your face! hah :P f(x) daebak!

Super Junior's teasers for sixth studio album Sexy, Free & Single.
Eunhae :D

Lee HyukJae
 Lee DongHae

♥ Lynn

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