Sunday, June 17, 2012

EXO header

Yes yes. It's about my blog header I changed recently.EXO EXO EXO!! :D
Actually I dint want the width to be so long, so that it can be viewed larger as my header
but I couldnt pick only a few photos out of so many, every photos of them are like angel O:)
It's really hard to pick these photos, spent lots of time selecting ._. suffered from a big headache.
End up adding more and more photos to the picture and making it wider and wider -.-

Only my 4 ultimate biases, Chanyeolie, Bacon Baekhyun, Bambi Luhan and OMiJa Sehun :D
Dont ask me to pick only 1 between them, I just couldn't. ahhhhh ._.
You'll see that Sehun got more photos, is not that I like him more. Baekyeol are actually my top 2 and followed by Hunhan haha
Sehun looks really good in every photos, his features are really gorgeous so I couldnt decide which to pick so I selected more photos of him hehe

♥ Lynn


  1. Where did you get the colorful knitted top from? :)

    here :)