Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More EXO

Made a little change to my header. Move Sehun to the bottom and now my header is huge ._. in fact it's a little over lol

My 4S looks like this now.
Krystal lock screen. Electric shock :D

Baekhyun wallpaper ♥
go with purple keyboard now.

chanyeolie as alternate wallpaper ♥

Luhan notification centre ♥

Sehun SMS wallpaper ♥
themed a purple SMS balloon to match with my keyboard haha

♥ Lynn


  1. I want that on my iphone too. How did you do that? Thanks

  2. How did you do this? Please please? ^^

  3. Your phone have to be jailbroken first :) Look for jailbroken tweaks :)