Saturday, June 23, 2012

When Love Walked In 爱情闯进门 Trailer starring f(x) Victoria

My sis and I were like laughing when we were watching this.
It's already like the summarize of the whole drama, there's probably still a last few episodes after all this summary LOL

Victoria doesnt sound like herself when she speaks. Her voice is a little weird. Did they replace her voice or it's because I dont get used to her speaking mandarin lol
Suju M's Zhou Mi is in this drama too and he's not... hot ._. no offense, but I never really like him hehe
They need improvement in acting though. It's a chinese drama, a shanghai film. And I dunno why but shanghai film is always... not that nice, to me ._. I still love you Vic umma! She's so cute. I will watch of course unless it's really bad ._.

Im worried about Nichkhun D: I mean like Vic kisses that guy so many times. *heartbreak
Poor Nichkhun, I miss wgm :( I will take good care of you Nichkhun *pats hahahahaha

btw, Happy birthday Nichkhun oppa!!! SARANGHAE #happykhunnieday :DD

♥ Lynn

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