Sunday, July 22, 2012

BoA / B2ST

BoA's Only One MV
written and composed by BoA =O
The choreography is unbelievably AMAZING. A song like this to have such an awesome choreo. Daebak!
and only BoA can dance to a choreo like this magnificently.♥ Her body movement ♥.♥ jjang
QUEEN of everything hehe
The drama version was released at midnight but there's still no hd vid from SMTown youtube channel yet. However it was uploaded on Naver. Somehow I feel like crying :( Boa unnie ♥

B2ST's Beautiful Night MV
DooJoon, GiKwang, DongWoon, my man ♥ hahaha why so hawt?!! To be precise, Dongwoon is actually pretty hehe
GiKwangie shouldnt go with curls.
DooJoon is still hot as everrrrr.
Hyunseung's red hairstyle reminds me of H.O.T, the first generation of Kpop hahaha

Something to share with after yesterday's SHINee World Concert II
Hottie Jonghyun and Taeminnie. ahhhhh ♥♥♥ Bromance just like Super Junior haha

Current most addictive song hehe Wooyoungie Sexy Ladyyyy. Cute Hot & Sexy WooYoung!

♥ Lynn

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