Friday, July 20, 2012

Sony National Kpop Competition 120707

Surprisingly, We, Fusion-X got first runner up for Sony National Kpop Competition.
One of the judges - Yoro, Ruffneckz's leader. I forgot to take a photo with him this year D:
We got really good comments from the judges hehe and the girl judge was somehow touched and cried.
Here's the video.
We danced to The Boys remix version, a really awesome one :D The original plus the one SNSD used last year for Mnet Asian Music Awards MAMA.
It's actually made of 3 remixes version of The Boys. One of the remix is the well known Teddy Riley remix :D TRX!
It was a little hard on the song cutting. Looking for higher quality of the remix version is not that easy :/ Sones are awesome, they help a lot. I cant believed there's actually someone that could make an exactly copy of the remix they used for Mnet Asian Music Awards.
and so I started editing from that, every changing points is the toughest part anyway was really satisfied with the outcome.
Flawless remix! :D

My cute way of planning the formation. With lots of colour dots :D the final piece is actually more messy with more words ._. haha

Practice. Before joining them, there's a dilemma and other stuff but that was the past.
I only practised for 3 days but I did learnt all the steps at home before practice.
Yeeliang Manyin and I.
JieXhia and Winona werent there at that time.

We used 2 dance ver. Most of it from MAMA and I suggested to change a few parts to the remix SNSD danced on David Letterman show since there were some quite messy parts during last year MAMA.

Bought this to stick to the corner of our eyes haha I like to stick something like tattoo or anything at the corner of one of the eyes. I do it all the time. I think it's pretty hehe

The only group photo :(
with YeeLiang and ManYin
JieXhia, myself, YeeLiang
We were Fusion last year :)

Pretty Jiexhiaaaaa!!!




Pricillia's "amazing" photography skill :P


KuanTing back from Photo Hunt

and Jovy

Kuan Ting :DD


Vain! JieXhia haha

So bored waiting for results

Yay yay haha

JieXhia did all of our makeup! Thumbs up! JJANG Awesome Jxhia :D

♥ Lynn

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