Wednesday, August 22, 2012


YESSSS! Finally something from the BROTHERS RIEDELL! ♥ :D
I knew they would win Internet Icon. Obviously.
Im like any other people out there thinking Fu Music should be in the top 2 instead of Lana.
I voted for Riedell haha. I like Lana too but Fu deserves more than her :/

Creator Chester See :D directors the Brothers Riedell
and the most incredible part is it's a story told through the songs of 5 top youtube musicians. AWESOMEEEE
yayyy for TIFFANY ALVORD! But why not CHESTER SEE too?!! :( ♥ Lynn

Thursday, August 16, 2012

To The Beautiful You

I couldnt control myself and watched the first episode this morning ._.
trials in like few weeks D:
Before this, Im like okay im not going to watch and bla bla bla ._. But I just got so hype and... yea...

This kdrama is like omo, a lot better than I expected.
Sulli is so cute and minho is minho lol I dont have much feelings for him haha
Im a jonghyun biased :D but no so much after he and sekyung urgh. To the next point.

And my cutie hyunwoo!!! He's just so cuteeeee. Love him like always. Hehe
Kwanghee is just acting himself lol he's just like him. Hilarious expressions and vain.

exo, really small scenes. They're even pitier than minor characters. As expected, they are playing as regular students. Im like trying so hard to spot them. I spot Kai, baekhyun and suho. Kai is easier to be seen compare to baekhyun and suho but still tough ._.
You have to look at the background of students to find them lol. Im hoping they will get bigger scenes, I dont considered this as something :(

Monday, August 13, 2012

Super Junior- SPY MV

Super Junior is really really hot in suit. The most unexpected yet addictive song. ♥ Like a mash up ♥♥♥ and bonus! Ryan higaaaa hahahah ♥ Lynn

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As some of you know, my phone couldnt receive calls or text messages a few days back.
No choice but to restore my phone. Starting s a fresh new phone but after that got my phone jailbroken again haha. Couldnt live without it.

My all time favourite theme: black ups
More Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick. Both are so hot
Baekhyun noti center! :D hahaha

No time to blog a full complete post since spm trial is coming like real soon D: will be doing random blogging till spm end I guess ._.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Watched Step Up Rev 3D last sat with friends.
THE BEST 2012 MOVIE! Personally like it more than dark knight or spiderman or hunger games. :DTHE MOB!
Some familiar faces from So You Think and ABDC! :D I love em!!

These flash mobs are amazingly aweeesomeeee. You'll never get sleepy in the middle of the movie, dancing from the very beginning till the end. Flawless dance moves ♥
plus, a really hawt Mexican-American, Ryan Guzman is a total bonus!!! hahahaha
He's so lucky to have his first debut in this film and he never actually danced before, he learns martial arts though ._. still, people are impressed of how he pick up those dance moves brilliantly. Isn't he perfect? ♥ hehe
Seeing girls dancers with abs make me wants abs so badly too! Im so training for abs after spm :D like krystal's, beautiful haha

Some of the flash mobs scenes

This song wasnt the song in the movie though

He's so hotttt!!


Current lockscreen for my phone haha it's not korean this time haha mexican-american! lol charming beautiful eyes

Changed :D

The last step up movie is better as in the lead roles can dance to a more powerful dances. But I couldnt compare since the 2 movies are quite different in their own way.

 ♥ Lynn