Monday, August 6, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Watched Step Up Rev 3D last sat with friends.
THE BEST 2012 MOVIE! Personally like it more than dark knight or spiderman or hunger games. :DTHE MOB!
Some familiar faces from So You Think and ABDC! :D I love em!!

These flash mobs are amazingly aweeesomeeee. You'll never get sleepy in the middle of the movie, dancing from the very beginning till the end. Flawless dance moves ♥
plus, a really hawt Mexican-American, Ryan Guzman is a total bonus!!! hahahaha
He's so lucky to have his first debut in this film and he never actually danced before, he learns martial arts though ._. still, people are impressed of how he pick up those dance moves brilliantly. Isn't he perfect? ♥ hehe
Seeing girls dancers with abs make me wants abs so badly too! Im so training for abs after spm :D like krystal's, beautiful haha

Some of the flash mobs scenes

This song wasnt the song in the movie though

He's so hotttt!!


Current lockscreen for my phone haha it's not korean this time haha mexican-american! lol charming beautiful eyes

Changed :D

The last step up movie is better as in the lead roles can dance to a more powerful dances. But I couldnt compare since the 2 movies are quite different in their own way.

 ♥ Lynn

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