Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Addicted! Also my current ringtone.
Catch me if you wanna ~

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kdrama- Nice Guy

Highly recommended kdramas
Updated myself to the very latest episodes, I personally think it is even better than To The Beautiful You, since To The Beautiful You gets boring at the back ._. probably because I already knew about the story or I dont know why :/ but I still watch for the sake of watching Hyunwoo, Sulli, Minho :D
I've decided not to watch Five Fingers since mum said it wasnt that good.

Anyway, straight to the point
Starring SONG JOONG KI (Kang Ma Roo), my cute little pretty boy Joong Ki ♥♥♥ pitied Joong Ki in this drama :(
I like Moon Chae Won (Seo Eun Gi) , she's so cool and classy haha and of course no one likes Park Si Yeon (Han Jae Hee) , she's a world class... not gonna use the b word.. let's just say she's an evil lady >:(

Every Wed and Thurs, Chinese subtitle will be up on the next day that is Thurs and Fri.
The first episode was epic, so unexpected and as it goes on, it's actually about revenge.
Han Jae Hee betrayed Kang Ma Roo. That's why I cried for poor Joong Ki :(
I promised if you watch the first episode, you'll be asking for next :D
No spoilers. I think it would be better if you just watch. hehe
Here's a plot if you really wanna know what is this drama about, click this link

 Song Joong Ki
 Moon Chae Won

Park Si Yeon

 tsk faking fox face, acting innocent. I hate on her character, not Park Si Yeon lol
She's pure evil D:
Get away from Joong Ki!!! .____.

Updates on May Queen soon. tata for now!
  ♥ Lynn

Monday, September 17, 2012

Why so serious

GD's comeback on Inkigayo yesterday was a bomb!
One of kind + Crayon
I love his marshmallow look alike hair colour so much!!!
And I still couldnt get over with PRETTY GD in Crayon MV!! Hehe
Why so serious?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

hitz.fm app

Sometimes when I got bored with my iphone songs... I listen to hitz.fm hahahaha
Only during exam period. Who would listen to songs on phone at home when you got so much better things to do with ur computer haha

Physics paper 3 soon! Haha im so disappointed with the paper1, not with myself, with the paper, too easy. Like so different from lim peng chew's paper. I mean mr duncan lim ._. Lol
We would do his paper till the very last minutes, all sorts of tough calculation and needs a lot of understanding and knowledge. Not direct at all.
Sometimes we have to skip questions which require a lot of time doing it if not we wouldnt be able to finish the paper.
And this paper, I checked more than 3 times and still lots of time left to sleep ._. I just wasted my time on doing tough physics calculation and the paper is so easy that it does not require any of those -__-

Why so serious #GD haha

Once Upon A Time Season 2

Season 2! Premiering on September 30! Can't wait!!!!
Magic in Storybrooke. It's gonna be awesomeee!!!
Fav english tv series ♥ who can come out with a plot better than this. All sorts of fairy tales characters mixing together but different from the boring old ones when we were still kids.
And magic in season 2 yayyy. All thanks to Rumpelstiltskin haha

 ♥ Lynn

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Bought myself an electra. Long story behind it.
Bought it on 18 of august haha I remembered because it was the day I went to watch step up.
Anyway after wearing it for half of the day, I felt like it was a little too small for me so went to request for a change next day.
Unfortunately a size larger was out of stock :(
Have to make an order and wait for like 2 weeks D: no choice so yea.

It came 3 weeks after I ordered due to hari raya...

Btw, I'll be blogging only short random post since spm is just right around the corner. All those events which require lots of photos uploading will be postponed to after spm. Haha
fitflop family. mum, sis and I haha

Short Updates

Blog is dead and like rubbish. haahaha I dont care for now, going to rebuild my blog after spm.
spm trial exam just ended. oh yeah! Not exactly.. one more paper to go ._. physics paper 3 lol and it's on next wednesday. Not gonna study for now haha
So unsatisfied with my Chemistry.Urghh Should have pick the other essay. Wrong decision kills -.-

Sharing a few past few weeks released MV here.
First of all, FT ISLAND!!!! Come on. Their songs are amazing not to mention that they are the only group with all good looking members. I've said this all the time. For me, I felt that way. Not even suju has all good looking members lol love them still.

SNSD OH Japanese version
I like this MV so much!!! YoonA is even pretty with specs on! Love her max!!!! Pretty pretty 

SNSD All My Love Is For You Love this so much!

GD One Of A Kind

That XX

Jason Chen covers Boa Only One. Just uploaded on Youtube.

Tiffany Alvord!

Tara Sexy Love (Drama ver)
Continue from day by day
YoonA!Oops forgot to charge my phone last night haha

♥ Lynn

Wednesday, September 5, 2012