Sunday, September 16, 2012 app

Sometimes when I got bored with my iphone songs... I listen to hahahaha
Only during exam period. Who would listen to songs on phone at home when you got so much better things to do with ur computer haha

Physics paper 3 soon! Haha im so disappointed with the paper1, not with myself, with the paper, too easy. Like so different from lim peng chew's paper. I mean mr duncan lim ._. Lol
We would do his paper till the very last minutes, all sorts of tough calculation and needs a lot of understanding and knowledge. Not direct at all.
Sometimes we have to skip questions which require a lot of time doing it if not we wouldnt be able to finish the paper.
And this paper, I checked more than 3 times and still lots of time left to sleep ._. I just wasted my time on doing tough physics calculation and the paper is so easy that it does not require any of those -__-

Why so serious #GD haha

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