Friday, September 21, 2012

Kdrama- Nice Guy

Highly recommended kdramas
Updated myself to the very latest episodes, I personally think it is even better than To The Beautiful You, since To The Beautiful You gets boring at the back ._. probably because I already knew about the story or I dont know why :/ but I still watch for the sake of watching Hyunwoo, Sulli, Minho :D
I've decided not to watch Five Fingers since mum said it wasnt that good.

Anyway, straight to the point
Starring SONG JOONG KI (Kang Ma Roo), my cute little pretty boy Joong Ki ♥♥♥ pitied Joong Ki in this drama :(
I like Moon Chae Won (Seo Eun Gi) , she's so cool and classy haha and of course no one likes Park Si Yeon (Han Jae Hee) , she's a world class... not gonna use the b word.. let's just say she's an evil lady >:(

Every Wed and Thurs, Chinese subtitle will be up on the next day that is Thurs and Fri.
The first episode was epic, so unexpected and as it goes on, it's actually about revenge.
Han Jae Hee betrayed Kang Ma Roo. That's why I cried for poor Joong Ki :(
I promised if you watch the first episode, you'll be asking for next :D
No spoilers. I think it would be better if you just watch. hehe
Here's a plot if you really wanna know what is this drama about, click this link

 Song Joong Ki
 Moon Chae Won

Park Si Yeon

 tsk faking fox face, acting innocent. I hate on her character, not Park Si Yeon lol
She's pure evil D:
Get away from Joong Ki!!! .____.

Updates on May Queen soon. tata for now!
  ♥ Lynn

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