Saturday, September 15, 2012

Short Updates

Blog is dead and like rubbish. haahaha I dont care for now, going to rebuild my blog after spm.
spm trial exam just ended. oh yeah! Not exactly.. one more paper to go ._. physics paper 3 lol and it's on next wednesday. Not gonna study for now haha
So unsatisfied with my Chemistry.Urghh Should have pick the other essay. Wrong decision kills -.-

Sharing a few past few weeks released MV here.
First of all, FT ISLAND!!!! Come on. Their songs are amazing not to mention that they are the only group with all good looking members. I've said this all the time. For me, I felt that way. Not even suju has all good looking members lol love them still.

SNSD OH Japanese version
I like this MV so much!!! YoonA is even pretty with specs on! Love her max!!!! Pretty pretty 

SNSD All My Love Is For You Love this so much!

GD One Of A Kind

That XX

Jason Chen covers Boa Only One. Just uploaded on Youtube.

Tiffany Alvord!

Tara Sexy Love (Drama ver)
Continue from day by day
YoonA!Oops forgot to charge my phone last night haha

♥ Lynn

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