Monday, October 8, 2012

My cousin bro is taking PMR tomorrow.
Reminds me of pmr. Trust me people, pmr is a piece of cake if you've studied.
I even felt like I studied too much for pmr while taking those papers. Exception for language subjects though since it's not like you can improve by just studying school syllabus. This explains why Im not that good in mandarin -.- but still pmr papers are still easier than school papers.

Some people will be like 'oh, you've taken your pmr so you sure say it's easy lah'
Absolutely no, I dont remember UPSR being easy for me lol
I WAS a lazy bump, facing gameboy and playstation all day long back then. Still, Im not a very poor student okay lol
I was more mature at 12 and decided to you know, study haha. I did improve quite a lot but not as good as now and also I had no time left for me to polish bahasa melayu and mandarin before upsr. 2 papers each for these 2 subjects are like so zzz that time.
Got 6As out of 7 anyway, got a B for mandarin -.- Was so happy! if it was now, am so gonna cry like a baby haha
And seriously, while sitting for UPSR I dont feel like it was easier compared to the time when I was sitting for PMR. Only 1 or 2 questions wrong or even no mistakes at all.

The KH teras paper was a little unexpected though. The KH paper has always been soalan tertutup. No idea what questions was usually asked in pass years. For my year, most of the teras questions are a little unusual from the exercises we did in a way. It doesnt required lots of complicated knowledge from the text book. It's like a basic knowledge and they twist the questions a little.

Pray a lot people. I see people who we think or even they themselves think they dont have the potential to get straight As get straight As! :D you need lots of luck! Good luck people!

Yours truly is going to sit for SPM soon. The only subject Im really worry about is none other than mandarin. The toughest of all! ._.
All those people who have already taken their SPM told me 'easy only laa' Okay then.
The only thing I dont get it is why people who dont do really well in their SPM also tell me this har?
You may score better grades than the usual grades you score in school but doesnt mean it's easy okay. Is not like I dont trust them, it doesnt matter what they say anyway, their words are just words. Just work hard and do you best. Hehe

Fyi, people who never pass in add maths, passed during spm.
So. Based on the statement above, you get what I mean right.
And also just fyi passing is easy or even getting some higher grades for some subject is easy. Getting A+ isnt. Based on the analysis, this is what I see. Hahaha I speak or write everything like Im criticizing when I dont mean it, that's a bad thing ._. I meant to calm you people down ._.
I hope I will do well in spm! And all the best people ❤
Peace out! ;)

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