Wednesday, December 12, 2012

121209 Out with Bestie, Ke Yin

Went out with ky on the previous Sunday ♥
Waited her for quite long ._. lol
Old Town for lunch 

Photo time hahaha
it always turns out to be yellowish in this fitting room.


lala poses! hahahaha we were trying to act lala hahaha

lalaaaaaaa famous peace sign haha

haha crazy moments

She's driving us to Straits Quay to meet her friend and for the book fair.
It's safer to buy insurance lol

Nothing much actually. I got all the books I want in my phone anyway :D

I dk who

Lego! I wanna play too but I'll be like too old with those kids around me ._.

This guy using green bags to make a gown or something. But all I know is she eventually turns into a....
BALL haha

happy kids

happy chialynn 

happy keyin

We were quite full but still.. fruuze hehe

Back in ky house.
Finally I met her dog, Jacky
So fluffy!

I have this exo pin all along on my collar but my hair was blocking it all the way haha

So, have been quite boring during this holiday except when I head out.
other than that, I've been spending my time at home with dramas, tv show and movies.
Ask me questions on formspring
I think it would be fun :) 
 ♥ Lynn

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