Sunday, December 30, 2012

121229 2 days ago :D

A long day with the 16-year-old people/friends/juniors.
So touched by the fact that they still wanna hang out with us old people :') haha
First stop, annyong's house early in the morning.
Then, Yun Ni came to pick us up to her house. A while later, Yee Shuang came by her house.

They went to play the Garfield game that we used to play when we're young hahaha
YunNi can finish the whole game in like 5 mins I guess ._.

YunNi's dad drive us to Daorae.
There are 12 of us in total, it's amazing how everyone is here! Some even make it when they have to go back to school for marching in the morning, cons of being a prefect.
AnnYong. flawless skin and beautiful eyes! That's her!

Cant get rid the habit of taking photos of everything!

AnnYong again. It's because she sits just the opposite okay lol


InnJoe and YeeShuang

Cutie PheikYee

We wanted to go straits. InnJoe's driver can drive only 4 of us. While others have to walk.
Im the one snatching to sit in the car ._. 
by just standing outside, I already get all sweaty.
Already having a bad hair day and getting sweaty turns my hair oily and flat D:
They are so nice anyway, they insist to let us the 17-year-old old people to take the ride(InnJoe, YeeShuang, KuanTing and I) I dont even have to snatch. yes, Im one bad person ._.
Pity those who have to walk under a hot sun :(

Reach InnJoe's house and plan to walk to Straits. Her house is just on the opposite.

Her really huge bear. It's from US? I forgot where it came from but it's a foreign bear. Came here through parcel lol This bear has its OWN BED! =O
Everyone of us gets a lollipop from daorae. That's what in my mouth haha

bad hair day :(

YeeShuang and the bear

It's so comfyyyy, better than a pillow

Walk over to Straits

Spotted KuanTing's mop bag haha

That long and skinny legs!


hot and sweaty but still a picture everywhere I go :D ahaha

This kid has pure blue eyes and blonde hair. Omg He is meant to be grown into one of the hot popular kids lol
His parents are tall, gorgeous and cool! 


AnnYong's cake 
at Humble Beginning. This is when my sis whatsapp me about SNSD I Got a Boy dance teaser.
Totally omo all the way. I cant stop asking why is YoonA so pretty?!
Check it out if you havent
and please dont say SNSD copy 2NE1. SNSD has the perfect body and cooler and prettier. They dont wear awkward outfit or makeup.
They are improving with different concepts.
Stay away you blackjacks >:(
SNSD is always the best for me! :D am so learning this dance. the most powerful dance yet.
For large teaser photos, go

Took a bus to gurney

JingXian working at Boost.
End of the day with no group photo! ._.
It's a whole day out.♥ Lynn

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