Tuesday, December 11, 2012

After spm- 121129 & 121204

This wasnt exactly after. It's before my last chinese paper but we had a long break in between so went out to watch Breaking Dawn part2. Still.. it's not a good one. Books are just better.
One thing Im happy about is Renesmee is so pretty. and Dakota Fanning ♥♥♥
The Benjamin Im looking forward to who can control the 4 elements is a disappointment ._.
I dont think it is worth watching :/
just watching for the sake of watching

Out with mum to QB and met up with sis who was working hehe

credits to mum haha

same pose at diff places lol
Kitschen and Nichii

exo ring! 

Will be updating again tomorrow. I mean it this time hahaha

♥ Lynn

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