Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After SPM- Time to revive my blog

So... SPM is officially over 2 days ago. YAYYY
SPM 000 *points below
I hope I get straight A+ who doesnt?
My essay for bm might be out of topic, not sure though. It's either live or die :/
and ok one important thing is not to geh gao and do extra questions if you're quite confident with ur answers. Just check and check again and again. 
Did extras for add math and ended up no time checking all the questions, realised I made a calculation mistake at the very last minute and it was too late to do anything but luckily I did extra.
No more spm crap!

Time for all the FUNNNNNNNN
Just so you know, I'll be often updating like I used to 2 years back. That's when I gained more followers and views. and well, u know we do get busier during form4 and 5 so it eventually became a dead blog. RIP
From the latest to the oldest.

I basically spent my day after I finished my Chinese paper with all the dramas, tv series, and tv show I missed. Life is getting so boring after finishing all of them. Nothing much to do. I can only wait for new episode to be released every week.

Started playing Radiant Mythology 3 on psp. Radiant Mythology, my all time favourite psp game :D
All the battling and the battling system is really cool :D I never tried 2 before because it was released in japanese only same goes for 3. Sis found an english patch for the game, translating some japanese into english, only some :/ still playable
Im in love with the pink cotton candy hair I created for my character lol

oh yea, my sis found a way to play pokemon on psp too. Only the first generation to the third. Childhood memories :') with my little cousin bro. We used to play like crazy haha

I started to diy phone cases for myself and sis :D

my sister's and...


Sis prefers simple while I prefer complicated haha
It may seem easy but it's not. Took quite a time to finish. Thinking what to use and how to place them. Trying different arrangement lol
Sticking the big ones are okay but those tiny little rhinestones are the troublesome ones. Too tiny to handle. Mine is tougher. Patience is the key lol but I like doing it so it's not torturing haha
Imagine a glue and a 3mm rhinestone sticking to a limited space already filled with other big cabochons... ._.

Well, tata for now! Will be updating tomorrow when Im free. Trying to clear all the posts I owed. teehee
So ryan higa ._.

Sorry. Have been quite busy lately. Will be updating asap.

♥ Lynn

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