Friday, December 21, 2012

Kdramas- Cheongdamdong Alice/ The Princess' Man/ Park Si Hoo

Cheongdamdong Alice
Love love love this drama, especially Park Si Hoo ♥♥♥
I know, he has small eyes and quite old but I dont know why I just like him so much and he's so good looking to me lol he has perfect abs hahaha
Not a fan of Moon Geun Young but am a fan of Kim Ji Suk! haha

The Princess' Man
Running out of drama to watch so decided to dig out some old dramas
Look up on Park Si Hoo without thinking of course! hehe
I dint know he's in The Princess' Man, I know Moon Chae Won is in it and it's a really popular drama back in 2011. Never wanted to watch because Im not interested in Chosun dramas.
But my first thought after knowing was: Moon Chae Won + Park Si Hoo = Omg awesome, 2 of my fav ppl. Why not?!

Finish the whole drama in like only a few days since I got nothing to do at home ._.
I understand why they win so many award for The Princess' Man now. Crying my heart out throughout the drama T_T love PSH even more, fall deeply in love him with  haha

I ship PSH and MCW rather than Song Joong Ki and MCW

She's so beautiful ♥

They are meant to be together haha

Watched lots of BTS,behind the scene, PSH and MCW moment and also last year KBS drama awards. I remember watching it last year but never really pay any attention to The Princess' Man.
Get all teary when Baek Ji Young sings The Princess' Man OST 'Again, Today I Love You' in the award, especially when I see them get all teary too. No.. it's actually every time I listen to this song. Touching lyrics T_T
Listen to the song with eng subtites first! I bet you'll cry even if you havent watch the drama or maybe not ._. or cry even harder if you've finished the drama.
She's definitely the Queen of OST alright, she has lots of known OST in popular dramas. All the great songs...

One of the BTS

Baek Ji Young- Again, Today I Love You

Planning to watch all PSH and also MCW dramas that I haven't watch.
Watched a few episode of Prosecutor Princess starring Kim So Yun and Park Si Hoo.
A little bit dont feel like continuing. Kim So Yun character is way to crazy as in sampat ._. She used to be the really cool killer in Iris, it makes me so uncomfortable. But I wanted to continue because of  PSH haha.

♥ Lynn

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