Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 121224

Merry Christmas people!
It has been a long night yesterday. Will get to that part.
Picture with sister before heading out ♥

Yes, I went to Queensbay because I was cheated by someone who goes by the name Kuan Ting.
She dint exactly explain the whole thing was actually hanging out with a bunch of happy campers that she went a week ago. By a bunch means 40 or 50++. It turns out to be 70++ that night actually, that's what KuanTing told me after that night.
They planned to have their own activities like exchanging christmas gift and dance to i dk... the songs that happy campers dance? yayy I dint know -___- and yes I was being mean :p I was a little mad but it's hard to get mad when you see her guilty talk and face :p
I went there just because it was closer to my house and less jam.

Called PehKhim to ask whether they're still in Straits, they were having dinner there and going to Gurney soon. So okay, called dad to pick me up and off to Gurney. Thanks dad!
As for KuanTing, GUILTY! hahahahaha

Meet up with them and all are craving for Starbucks.
MinYi came to meet us up too.
Pey Shan

and mine, Java Chip as always ♥ :D



Chill at G Hotel lobby since there were so many outsiders as in not a guest there chilling too hahaha
it's a little dark and photos arent that niceee :(


2 cuties

I realised that I dont have each and everyone's photo ._. sorry
Went home quite late. Was relive that I actually went Gurney instead of staying at QB

♥ Lynn

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