Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ombre Nails

You can find lots of ombre nails tutorial online.
I followed this pic when I did mine a week ago.

You need
- any 2 colour nail polishes. You can use 3 if you want to.
- a top coat.
- a sponge.
- a toothpick. For me, I use a dotting tool (the one we use for nail arts) since toothpick was too far away from me at that moment lol. So anything sharp that can mix the colours will do the trick.

dotting tool

Instead of mixing the 2 colours on a plastic and dab the sponge on the colours. I find it easier to just put on the colour directly on the sponge. Because it dries up really fast  before you could even dab it on your fingers.

Mine is considered half fail I guess. It seems dry. Should really use a generous amount of nail polish to wet the sponge :/ 

You could use a matte top coat for matte ombre nails. This is so prettyyyyyyyy. Theirs are so perfect ._.

The matte top coat I use is the essie matte about you. Google it. You can find it anywhere.

Second try with black red. To match with my hair ._. hehe 
Better this time! and I put on a matte top coat.

Looks like there's lots of flaw. Camera is actually a lot better at focusing than our eyes. It's nicer in real actually haha
 ♥ Lynn

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