Sunday, December 9, 2012

Random updates

epop Decemeber issue comes with a big 2013 calender :D and a SNSD poster hahaha
All the pictures inside are really nice ♥

More books to read! :D on bookreader.
Heroes of Olympus, Book 3
The Mark of Athena pg1

and more...

Wanna see my pokemon progress? lol U can skip this part. haha

Kadabra can only evolve via trading and psp is just being psp. Trading is impossible.
So goggled whether there is a way. And yep! via vbalink in computer and tada! hahaha
Because of this vbalink, I have 3 eevee to evolve into flareon, jolteon and vaporeon respectively. lol Im playing first gen so only these 3 version of eevee are available.

I wanted to dye my hair like now! :( but there always appear to be a few problems.
Yesterday the colour I wanted is out of stock. So planning to go back today.
My hairstylist hurt her back so appointment cancel -_____- no choice but to wait till she recovers.
I picked 2 colours :D Guess which colours I've chosen? hehe
Till then.

♥ Lynn

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