Tuesday, December 31, 2013

131228 Christmas Potluck Part 2/3

Baking oreo cupcakes
With ChianChyi masterchef! She cooks a lot at home. 
I only helped out a little little with the easy stuff hahaha.
It came out a bit ugly because we don't have proper equipment like cupcake pan and decorating syringe and tips for the icing :(
 It's basically a choc cupcake with a little modification.

 add the oreo in the middle

The cream frosting! My fav! It's so good! So sweeeeeet ♥.♥ nom nom
dip the frosting with anything and everything hohoho best feeling ever.
 the amount of fats hahaha

 Chyi's serious face.

 throw in the oreo crumbs

decorating only with a plastic bag without tip :/
 whats matter is the taste, which is a thumbs up!

The others doing the mushroom soup. 

At least it's something easy that I can do haha
  Hershey's chocolate :)

We couldnt find any large marshmallow at Teaco and hence we bought the small ones. 
Crackers, chocs, marshmallows.

Heat them in the microwave, see how they expand hehehe. The time depends on how you want the marshmallows to be.
I didn't melt it, just let it soft in the inside. only for about 20 seconds.
You could use the oven instead.


 dip in the pool

Photoshopping some photos to save some time at home heh

It's already the last day of 2013 :/ time flies huh :(
Have a nice day :)

131228 Christmas Potluck Part 1/3

We had a Christmas potluck at Kim's house that night :D too many photos, it would be too long and hence I separated them into 3 parts.

Had dimsum with my parents early in the morning at Dai Dong.
My all time fav at dim sum. Salad prawn! hehe

 Lo Mai Kai/Glutinous Chicken Rice

 Wu kok/ Yam dumplings 

 egg tarts

They then drop me off at Kim's house. I reached quite early which was around 9.45.
Chyi was there before me hahaha
I do not know how to cook haha. I probably would get a F for being a good house wife ._. but in this century, there's no such thing as only girls go into the kitchen and do house chores crap lor. Guys and girls equal okay. I'll learn to cook a little :p

I only helped out a bit, I couldn't really help any big thing. Failed.
In the process of spaghetti sauce making or mixing actually while Im photographing ahaha 

 washing tomatoes

 I can do simple things like stirring hahaha

CHICKENNNNNNNN!! Kim's mum fried chicken is so GOODDDDD. hehehehehe

._. Chyi took lots of photos of Roxy and I would feel sorry if I didn't even post one.

We went to tesco to buy some ingredients for cupcakes and s'mores :D lunch first. At sakae. 

I only ate a tuna because I was bloated with the dim sum still undigested in my tummy eheh

TESCO!! and what tesco remind you people of?! :D Yes, the collectable figurines! :D
I have collected them all, not really all, left the new released limited edition Thor. Damn.
You'll get a sticker for every RM50 purchased. Um um... give me if you dont want them. haha

I got 2 from tesco that day, and Kim gave me 6, she doesn't want them :DDD

 So, we have this gift exchange(around rm20). Was informed 2 days before. I went out so many days but just for that 2 days I actually stayed home -_- 
So I bought my gift at tesco. It has to be unisex what, so food is probably the best choice.
I love love love nutella. Everything goes with it, dip everything with nutella! wheeeee
I want to try making nutella milkshake one day! 
I should have done a nutella smores too! oh man.

Next post would be cupcake baking and smores making! haha