Saturday, January 5, 2013

121020 Graduation Day T_T

There's still whole bunch of 2012 that I havent update =O
Throwback graduation day.
Im proud to say that I graduated as the first girl in school :D
first in every exams :D
Dont expect too much from me in the future, dont give me any pressure ._. I can be totally dumb if I dont study ._. I dont think Im good :/
and Im really scared with all the what ifs


So frustrated when we're not allowed to do anything while sitting. leg close, no legs crossing, legs on the floor, no talking, no sleeping, no photos. 2 eyes on the stage. It's even worse than being closed up in a cage *yawn
Because it's the first year that everyone of us get to go up and take our graduation certificate, there's no time for performance or anything. So, we basically spent our time on looking at every homo sapiens who goes on stage. wowww interesting eh? -_____-

It's FREEDOM after that.
brought both lx5 and 600D that day.
Friends play around with the lx5. Ended up with lots of photos :D
These are only part of it :D but it's more than enough to sum up my graduation day.

PehKhim, KeYin my bestfie who came by to see us graduate ♥ and I

Sarah, KeYin, WeiWei, WeiLin

PheikYee and AnnYong
My 2 smarty juniors :D
It's not that Im short, it's just that they are too tall ._.

YunNi, another junior 




Honey PehKhim




flower power lol
too dark in there



darlings ;)


PohYin and ZheLin

PohYin aka baby dinosaur. Look at her dimples!  

Jin Yuan



My form3 Geography teacher. Only been her student for a year.

MinYi and WanYan



WanYan & YeeShuang

My Chinese teacher!!! hohoho Lol

KarWei the superwoman haha

Fong Shan Pei? Pey? lol i dk.
I dont really know her. KuanTing and I quite beh paiseh go forward and take a pic with her.
She's the super responsible prefect who always forbid us from doing this and that haha
but good grades, good at sport, drawing, chinese calligraphy, speech etc etc 
she must be so happy if she reads this haha

My class monitor, Yee Ching

evil juniors who perli me a lot.
HuiMin, JingXian and the most evil of them all ZiXuan >:) lol

my beautiful lx5 even prettier than their faces ♥.♥ ahahaa

CaiXian - 最佳毕业生
We actually went through stupid interviews with all those pkm and principal -____-
not interested anyway, I know Im not an ultra good student, never a teacher's pet and they probably already made their choices by their own.
There's a lot of things that get on my nerves. In short, I dont feel respected when they talked to me. Good thing, you're in the past now! hahaha :D

English teacher, Pn Chan and Chemistry, Pn Hwang.

Posing with JeanTeen's polaroid ;)

XinYi, PohYin, Phooi Fun

ChaiLing and KarWei

YiMei, WanYan

S2 Chinese teacher haha

Hi KuanTing! hehe 


Purdy, WingKeh

 Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxo Gossip Girl♥ Lynn