Friday, January 4, 2013

121231 New Year's Eve & 130101 New Year

Before I start blogging about New Year.
I'll blog about... Inti orientation I went yesterday. I had a bad feeling about it, I dont know why. The crowd. Pek chek.
From the start till the end I was really sleepy and moody. The no expression face, which usually scare a lot of people ._. I would like to redeem myself lol Im friendly laa okay after you get to know me. kay thx bye. haha
I never like school, I never miss school. The thought of going back to school makes me feel like crying sometimes. The thought of exam literally makes me cry! ahaha Im already scaring myself out, what if it was real tough and I couldnt do well. Omg *shoot myself in the head
and this is when I realised I really miss my old buddies, I cannot... express how much I miss them T_T and... this is so not me LOL

Okay, now here goes new year's eve with mum, sis, cousin and darlings :D

Wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy going back to sleep -.-
Get dressed and off to Gurney with family ♥

what are you looking at?!

cousin, Sabrina and sister, ChiaYi

One thing that makes me really happy to go out with sis is that we always took lots of photos.
Taking turns taking photos of one and another. haha
My mum improves a lot in taking photo of us too :D hehe

This is my sister look alike pokemon- Wooper :) ehehe
self vaining

vain till very beh paiseh ._.
acting like Coco Rocha lol her expression is always too extreme. haha
This is what called ugly pretty .___.
too much ANTM lol

they went back later to other places I guess.

while Im at gurney waiting for the late comers darlings :p

Minyi and WanYan

We watched CZ12! Like who wouldnt respect him?! 
Since it was bought like last minute, front row seat babeh -___- ahaha 
A little suffering for the neck. Worth it though, for a movie like this. As for wingkeh, headache as usual haha and she went out to look for MinYi and WanYan.

Went to Straits Quay later on. Peyshan came by after she's done with her car practical.

Met Venetia :)

and them :D pretty ladies~

Bubbles, Bubbles in the air Bubbles, bubbles everywhere


and WingKeh
Look at Minyi! hahaha

Phooi Fun


A whole new year. 2013! Please be a good year.

Got squashed together. they hug so tightly that I might die ._. 
Not to forget photo at this moment! so snap and tada *points above lol

YeeXuan :D

Zhiliang the one carrying Weisheen =O like a giant baby -.-

Peyshan and Wingkeh carrying Pehkhim :) like a cute baby hahahaha
She doesnt like us to call her cute. So.. sexy baby?

ws totally ruin the pic. Why eyes close?!

At library.
Sexy PehKhim drinking Raspberry juice hahaha
pk and I dont drink ;p

 ♥ Lynn

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