Tuesday, January 22, 2013

130102 18th BIRTHDAY!

First post about things in 2013.
YunXuan took me out for the day :D

Straits Quay
Blue Reef


Big face me :D

makan all the way lol
fav candid shot! 

vain shots HAHA



PehKhim asked us to go paradise later on.
While waiting... PHOTOS! lol


and the cutest and most hilarious thing of all is when they are arriving, Pk called and tell me only WeiSheen and her are able to make it. hahaha yeah right...
when ws asked me to go over somewhere for awhile for no reason, plus his poor acting skills LOL 100% confirm there will be more than 2 ppl hahaha
I was like okay then.
tadaaaaa. *Here comes birthday song from these lovely people

choc cheese cake if I wasnt mistaken


PeyShan, me, PehKhim, ZhongYang, WeiSheen, ZhiLiang

hahaha at zy's eyes

byeeeeeeeee yx!

stand till so pai kua lol

Raining soon :(

I personally think that this is imba and cute! cutie peyshan hehe
I'll delete if you request though haha

I want a close up photo of zhiliang's long pretty eyelashes! seriously, so pretty hahaha

Due to the bad weather, we couldnt play at the beach D:
and so...
We went to watch The Collector, there wasnt any other better movie, no choice lah.
It's like the worst 2013 movie lollll
Oops! Forgot to mention that Terence and WingKeh came to gurney too but too bad, I dont even have a single photo of them ._. sry. Forgot. Lol
woops teehee

still, it's a great day with all of them. hugs and kisses!
Thank you! even those who coudnt make it.
and thanks for all the birthday wishes 

Back home
Past 12. Still, another birthday cake isnt too late.
Cheese cake dad bought back from Traders. Best cheese cake. Love it!

Sry readers. I hope I have the time to update more.
And update all 2012 posts asap hahaha xx

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