Friday, January 11, 2013

Clearance Hahahaha

Im selling this shoes for RM35 - SOLD
It's a size 38, I usually wear size 38 but it just seems a bit small for me.
Only wore it once. No point keeping a shoes that Im not going to wear again so Im selling it.
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and some of my old phone case. I seldom use these, they are still good as new.
Selling each for RM15

btw, I have decided to stop doing phone case. I dont actually earn much from it and it's quite tough and also took up a lot of time. Quite tiring. So yeah.. :)

Oh yeah, almost forgot. selling Canon 450D for for RM850.  Used for 2 years. stopped using it since a year ago.

you know how to contact me. xoxo  Dan Humphrey ahahaha
 ♥ Lynn

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