Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jean Teen's House Warming 130114

Was invited to JeanTeen's pwetty pwetty new house hehe
Her all time fav- stitch 

vain a lilttle while looking for Kyepin and Cynthia hehe
pretty lady walking down the street lolol 

 swimming pool

 random cat
random backyard.
and ppl in the house would say random person taking pic of their backyard ._. 

 random entao ba. my lil bf hahaha
He is so busy with his WII -.-
doesnt even want to take a photo :(

mirror! best part of her house hahaha 

 Wanyan aka Catherine ahahahah
I find it awkward when ppl call her Catherine. the heck lol

 little girl likes mirror too! 

 hi entao ba

sexy wanyan ;p 

 626 attack 


Photo of us. credits: jeanteen

Realised something. Forgot abt pictures of food! Ahhhhh

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