Sunday, January 27, 2013


The best Alex Goot cover song. Have been listening to this cover ever since.
Friends would know that I dont listen to originals much, for eng songs. Definitely originals for kpop lolChrissy and her band, ATC is getting popular via Alex Goot ♥ yayyyy my pretty pretty Chrissy hehe
her perfect features, an ideal features for girls. and... she's a year younger than me ♥
Just go listen to all their collabs

I bought lots of studs just because they are real chio hahahaha out of phone case to stud lol
Was free yesterday and hahahah studed my new shorts lol
Sis did the same to one of her shorts too hehehe
If you're wondering where I get these studs from. I got it from taobao :) hehe

and if you're wondering how to stud. It has spikes on the ends. Just fold it down.
Use a pliers or whatever, it does hurt my fingers either way.

I have more random stuff to blog but... am a lil tired right now ._. people tend to get tired easily when they are getting older LOL please understand. haha peace out!

It's jan 28, 12.26am. Currently lying down on my bed. Blogging with my phone haha
Just to let u know that.
I'll will be uploading photos from 2013 onwards whenever after I blog to fb. Because after I blogged, that means photos are all organised and ready to be posted.
I used to upload photos to fb but I was too busy and lazy to upload last year.
Only 2 albums were uploaded last yr because I was forced to lol their graduation photos hahaha

Im like totally an inactive facebooker. Too many sampah and dramas. I tweet a lot though especially when Im not in the mood. Lol
I used fb only when I feel like changing my profile pic or fb messenger sends a noti hahaha
I dint know there's a follow button on fb till 2013 ahahaha! And.. I still dont quite get it ._.
A lil more active now lahhh at least, upload photos ma right.

I hope my determination will last for the year ._.
Blog will be dead when I get busy, fb will probably die before my blog lol. But I'll try my very best to continue blogging.
There are tons of 2012 posts that I havent update. Ahhhh. Why oh why?

Owhhkayyy. Very sleepy right now. Till then. Goodnight! xoxo

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