Sunday, February 3, 2013

130124 Gurney w/ love

Around 1 week ago.. yes, Im a very slow blogger haha
Dated my 2 darlings. We have so many things to talk about loll
KuanTing and her Singapore trip
PeyShan and her sampat things lol
Me and my school haha

Lunch at Manila Place hehe
Coincidentally met Terence there. 
And so nice of him to join us, interrupting our girls talk -__- :ppppp
He told us WingKeh came to gurney too, with her ohana. Just kidding keh keh haha. 
The 'ohana' thing is our inside joke that Terence made up LOL abt wingkeh and her new friends. I absolutely have nothing against them, dont get me wrong ._. blame Terence for this stupid joke :p

KuanTing's iphone 5. FIVE! 
KuanTing, upgarde d lo! higher standard d lo! Bu yi yang le lo! :P hahahaha
so much fun to perli her haha

Compare to my 4s lol 

 Dear PeyShan

Oops, look who's working?  

Thanks for the souvenirs and present from singa 
Immediately burst into laughter when I open the box and saw such a scary owl with 2 big red eyes HAHAHAHA 



We did meet WingKeh after that though, only for awhile. She and her friends. Whenever I thought of them, it reminds me of ohana lol Terence fault!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was going for movie but he missed it hahahaha

I was still a lil bloated for dinner when it came to dinner time.
A slice of cake for myself hehe

Choc cheesecake

and hi wingkeh! 
came to join us after her friends left and.. vain a lil hehehe

Keh needa buy something at esprit.
you know, this is what we ppl do while waiting haha
KuanTing and I

PeyShan and KuanTing
PeyShan was suppose to work at night but then she skipped it hahah

yeppeo us lol

KT drop us at Keh's house. Her pet... er.. what was it called again?
We went down to the roti canai place near our school. It had been months since I went there I guess. Hot as usual ._.
then back HOME

Met quite a lot of people that day.
Even Cheryl, haven't seen her for so long, still pretty and hot as usual! :D
also pric and kev, the 2 lovebirds :) aww

My bling bling collar  and my golden/black collar clips  :D

xoxo I miss you guys  hehe

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