Monday, February 11, 2013

130201 Pasar Malam/ Night Market

Night market on a friday night with PeyShan, PehKhim, WingKeh and ZhiLiang
Keh was going to have her moral test next day and she dint even study, not even a bit hahahaha
We meet up at OldTown nearby. Oh, did I mention I havent been to any night market for years? Like at least more than 5 years, Im very sure I never been to one ever since I was in secondary. haha
I think we were basically like siao zha bor lol 
dint even order a thing and just sat there talking like a bunch of retards ._.
ZhiLiang came by since he was working at the gym nearby, probably heard lots of our stupid things ahaha

It was then we decided to head out.
I forgot how crowded and dirty night market is :O Im sweaty + oily
but the food is good... and dirty :/ lol. Sampah are all over the place :O 
peyshan and keh went off to buy burger and never came back -.- long story. Just because they couldnt find it. 
Anyway, all of us ended up in peyshan's apartment 5th floor.
pk and zl went back first.
That's why only peyshan, wingkeh and I have photos together 

Dont ask me what are these. I dont even know what I ate. hahah

How can I study without youuuuuuuuuuuu 

WingKeh and PeyShan
Keh Keh


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