Monday, March 25, 2013

230313 Queensbay, First Avenue, Gurney ♥

2303, the day they started selling tickets for Asia Super Showcase 2013! Check out the details here
Went to queued with sis at 9.45am in front of Neway, Neway operating hour starts from 11am. 
There was a group of super soshi fans already.

You know you have to be early to be able to snatch good seats, not seats I guess since it's free standing, best zone? lol No competitor in penang, but competitor in KL haha and KL starts selling at 10am.
but Neway started at 10.30am that day, I guess they let one of the guys there bug till they're annoyed :/ 

We were so afraid Super Zone (R) got sold out before it gets to our turn. YoonA stands closer to Super Zone (R) most of the time, that's why LOL
I dont care about AOA, SNSD is more than enough! :D
Last year it was Suju-M, EXO-M and BTOB, thanks to spm I had to study at home D: Not gonna miss it this year! 

and yayyyy the very happy moment when tickets are finally in our hands bwahahaha >:D 
Final artist group will be announced shortly.
I hope it's a male group, even if it's a band like CN Blue or FT Island is more than fine with me.
Dont throw another girl group if it's not f(x) please please

You know there's a Sunsilk Girl Search. Look at this!
High on K-Pop fever? Sunsilk is extending it for you with great hair and a chance to be a part of Hannah Tan’s opening act for the 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia this 12th May!
HOLY HELL! Does this indirectly means that the winners get an access to backstage passes to meet SNSD?! LOL
Who cares abt performing with Hannah Tan when you have SNSD?!

After that, off to busy with my bank stuff.
and then, it was really late when I got home. Quick change and off to bestifie, KeYin's house.
We went to First Avenue to meet up with Jean and JieXhia. Introduced ky to Jean and Jxhia :D 
Lunch at Kenny Rogers (I forgot to feed my camera first!)
There's nth much in first ave and so we decided to go to Gurney.

Ky and I reached first and got ourselves mochi. My mango flavour taste good * thumbs up
I know KuanTing was there too because she told me the day before and of course, I would called up to meet up with her aka my bro/ ai lang hahaha

Yee Shuang and Kuan Ting

and then, they came ♥
My camera works super nice outdoors ♥.♥
KeYin, me, JeanTeen, JieXhia and omg look at her flaming red hair, so chioooooo


Sometimes when I look at photos of me and my high forehead, I feel like I look ugly or weird without side swept bangs. My face looks so long like horse face omg. Dilemma whether to cut it or leave it long :/

Jean and Jxhia went back earlier as Jean needs transport and it's a long story- 
Chan told me she's working at the japanese fair till 31st of march. and hi hi channnnn, chan chan yee lin haha
Gaik Theng is working there too fyi. 
crop off our upper face because we both feel we look kinda err geli. and the super ugly yellow lighting indoor.
b&w B)

Im not sure whether Minyi was working at Warehouse that day so we went to check and yes yesss, so glad to see her!
Her manager wasnt there and so we get to chat like there's no tomorrow ♥
I hope I'll have all my darlings with me to school everyday, but apparently there's none, not even one ._. lol

Friday, March 22, 2013

130208 CNY Reunion Dinner

Late as always. Im really embarrass for being so late every time but still I think it's a must to update even it's late lol Just let me try to clear all the pending posts, I think I'll be accumulating more instead ._. whatever

So.. this is a cny reunion dinner at mother's side. With all mother's side family members, all together.

Our drawing. It started off with a stickman by my sister lol

WeiShan and sister, ChiaYi

Cousins, 2 missing 
I moved a little, that's why Im the only blur one. haha

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

130227 CDK Canteen Day

Hi hi. It's a late post. I still have tons of pending post ._.
So lucky that I have a 3 hours break in the middle between my classes.
InnJoe drove us back to school to meet my young love ones haha
There's quite a lot of changes in school, and I dont like it :/ it does not concern me anymore anyway now haha
Pheik Yee and Kai Yin

AnnYong :D


 pretty pretty JingYuan and WeiWei

met up with my dearest fps, peyshan

my annyong and pheikyee haha

Good luck 95ers ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Koji Eye Talk- double eyelid glue

Here's a product I would recommend. Koji eye talk double eyelid glue, which was recommended in one the 女人我最大 episode. haha

For any of you out there who wanted to make ur eyelids double or ur crease deeper, you should try this. Well, it work quite well for me. I have no idea whether it will have the same effect for you but it's a highly rated product.
(I dont think you would need a double eyelid glue if you wanna make ur crease deeper, because you probably would already have double eyelids and any double eyelid tape would just do the trick)

I have thick eyelids, one tapered eyelid sometimes it turns into double and another eye with an inner double eyelid. I know it's weird. There are quite a few friends of mine who have one double and one mono though.

Due to the thick tapered or inner double, I have trouble turning my eyelids equally double.
Normal double eyelid tape doesnt work well for me. It's either double sided eyelid tape or double eyelid glue for me.
and... I dont really like double sided eyelid tape because its edges will be noticeable after a few hours, i dk whyyyyyyyyy. and I used to use capalang brand double eyelid glue, that's why I dont apply them often.

and... finally, went to first avenue with mum yesterday, spotted koji eye talk in GooGoo at RM39.90.
It's a white liquid but turns transparent upon drying.